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    1997 GTS NEW 3.2L Roe Supercharger Dyno Results

    Congrats on the build... power output appears on the low side...
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    Mopar Nats - Anyone organizing?

    Anyone organizing the Mopar Nats event?
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    Viper Club of America President's Letter

    Thank you for providing the background and difference between the VOA and the VCA. I look forward to the VOI and raffle! Cheers! :)
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    are Viper owners getting desperate?

    I am desperate to sell... one of the big misfortunes is listing it so low... the more people we see selling Vipers at a low ball price (I'm included in here), the more it drops the "community" value of our precious vipers :( Please do accept my apology for selling so low... I just need to move...
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    Selling my '97 B/W GTS

    Just a heads up I've listed my GTS on eBay. I've had a great response from the Viper Community but it appears my asking price was a tad high. I've lowered the asking price and have placed a low reserve. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to give the eBay link so I'll just mention it's there and here in...
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    b/w pic up

    Matt, I recommend looking at the classifieds: ViperClub Classifieds - Main Index - Powered by PhotoPost Classifieds I have my Viper listed there for sale... there are some descent pics...
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    Selling my '97 B/W GTS

    Good Luck with the Sale! Car looks Great! You really do a good job on fixing these things up. Let's hope this economy starts to turn around soon :)
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    Selling my '97 B/W GTS

    Great to hear from you, Matt! Spring will be a better time to sell but I'm looking for a quick sale now. It'll be a lower value but sometimes we need to make difficult decisions! I noticed your White Mamba... did you sell it?
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    Selling my '97 B/W GTS

    Due to a financial situation, I'm trying to make a quick sale on my 1997 B/W GTS. Details can be viewed here in the VCA Classifieds: ViperClub Classifieds - 1997 Dodge Viper GTS Blue w/ White Stripes - 33k Miles Daily Driver - Powered by PhotoPost Classifieds Asking for $30k - rebuilt salvage...
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    PICS - Mopar Nationals at Columbus

    Thanks, Simms! Great Pics :)
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    I'll look for you guys in Cincinnati on May 10th :)
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    CATs removed on Gen II - check in!!

    sorry to be a noob... what vents are you guys referring to?:dunno: I get a strong exhaust smell in my cabin... would like to fix :eater:.... '97 GTS
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    Best (or funniest) reaction when driving your snake?

    At a stop light, guy in truck looks over and says, "nice car... I'd trade ya but I just filled up my gas tank" :)
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    OHIO VCA Holiday Party deadline Coming

    I got the mailing... can you please add the date to this post. Thanks :)
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    Chuck Tator Featured in Wards Dealer Business Magazine

    ______________#137 :)__________________
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    New Viper Owner/Member!! Pics!

    Couldn't agree more :2tu:
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    Gen. II Hood on Gen. I

    I've known many owners that have done this. It should be a direct replacement.
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    Got a good laugh today

    LMFAO!!! :rolaugh: :rolaugh: :lmao:
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    Orange/White GTS

    Awesome car Matt... too bad I couldn't hear her started up :omg: :headbang:
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    Stripes turning yellow!!!!!

    I don't have cats and yes, I do have the yellow tint... only seen when looking up underneath the car
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    II Winter Moding Sharing the Love!!

    Can't wait to cruise the belt :) :2tu:

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