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    Gen IV used values

    X2. Back in April 2009 I purchased my 2nd Brand New 2008 Viper Coupe for 69K(MSRP of almost 91K). So I have an extremely difficult time justifying current Gen4 prices. Right now, I'd be willing to do High 50's for the right low mileage Gen4. (< 5,000 miles give or take ) I bought my 1st Brand...
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    2013 Viper GTS Launch Edition for $80kkk (#76 of 150)

    Just called about one like yours yesterday. 142K original MSRP. Asking 95K and holding. Funny part was, on their website, it said something like "Price Reduced to 95K as of 5/6/14" ....and it's been sitting there ever since. Congrats - Beautiful Car!
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    2004 Black Mamba Pricing Advice

    ^Truth. You may be better off just trading it in on another car like I did. Couldn't give my 1,800 mile VR '08 Coupe away for $62,500(Mods + Stock Parts and Max Care warranty until 2015), so I traded it and the dealer gave me 60K, which immediately saved me another $3,600 PA sales tax on the...
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    Performance Upgrades for 08

    If you're interested, I have a STOCK Gen4 Lower Intake Manifold for sale. Perfect for porting should you want to retain your stocker. I'm not too far away from you either. Mike [email protected]
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    Need your input on rear diff bang . I did search forums. Need help

    I've got a Stock GenIV Diff for sale out of my '08 w/ <500 miles - Which I traded in a month ago. No issues/As new. It was removed because I purchased a complete diff w/ 3.55's from Unitrax.
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    Gen3 & Gen4 = Same Oil Filter?

    Do/Can they use the same Oil Filter? Thanks.
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    Post up the best pic of your SRT

    lol...At that price - I would guess *maybe* another ~5-6 years or so? '08 Coupe w/ 1,850 miles. Exhaust, Gears, Intake, PCM. Asking 65K.
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    If You Had to Dump Your Viper...What Car Would You Get?

    I don't have to dump my '08 VR Coupe, but it is F/S on the 'other' site. (I can't put it in the classifieds here???) I'm wanting a 2013 Shelby GT500.
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    Finally Replaced my 99 with an 08

    I'm right acorss Rt. 309 - Not too far from you. YES, the ECU needs to be installed by a dealer. I bought my MOPAR ECU from Woodhouse. Had it installed at Bergey's Dodge in Franconia. That Viper Tech also did my Roe H/F Cats and Corsa, along with Woodhouse Poly Engine Mounts. Good Guy...
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    Finally Replaced my 99 with an 08

    I've got the Mopar ECU - It doesn't really make that much of a difference in throttle feel. Though it does allow you to do some mods and not get a CEL.
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    Limited Slip Diff for 2008 Viper

    lol...No sh!t? (Thanks for the Ported Intake. You didn't sell it directly to me, but I ended up with it.:D) I meant the guy who started the thread.
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    Limited Slip Diff for 2008 Viper

    Where are you located?
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    Going from a gen 3 to a gen 4

    What can you do? You can purchase an Max Care Warranty from Chrysler. I just put a 7yr/50,000 mile Max Care (100$ Deductible) on my 1,700 mile '08 for ~$1,625. Piece of mind for a decent price. Maybe try to work the warranty into the deal?
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    All Gen ACR-X Catch Can systems SUPER SPECIAL

    Let us know when you get the bracket made. I'd also prefer an all Black -AN and hose option. If possible. Thanks
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    All Gen ACR-X Catch Can systems SUPER SPECIAL

    Honestly, that's what I want. I really don't want to do any drilling.
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    All Gen ACR-X Catch Can systems SUPER SPECIAL

    On System 2, how is the 'Bracket' attached?
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    Ported Intake Gen 4

    I have no dyno numbers, but Mark's manifold eventually found its way onto my engine. Also have ROE H/F cats/Corsa, Mopar PCM, and filter.
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    Skip shift eliminator for 2008?

    ^What Mark said. Mopar PCM takes care of it. :)
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    Mopar ECU Gen IV issues?

    No problems w/ the Mopar ECU here. 93 octane.
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    Gen4 throttle lag mod

    Interested to see if this will continue to work and not set a code. Please keep us updated.

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