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    Loud exhaust

    Not sure where your located but I just replaced my exhaust with full belanger setup and old exhaust could be yours for a great deal. It's at the shop and ready to pickup if you want stock and cat back corsa(in houston)... Wasn't loud enough for me but new setup sure is now.
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    Twin Turbo for sale

    The kit from RSI is listed at 15,995.
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    Twin Turbo for sale

    Special thanks again to John Mavridis and will @ RSI to get these raffle issues resolved. I am the winner of the tt kit from RSI and will be selling it the next few weeks, please let me know your offers and I will communicate with those in the serious category. All the information you could...
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    3M Paint Defender... Anyone Tried it Out?

    You can go from a few hundred for front fascia to a couple of grand pretty quick for the entire car, I did the whole car to protect my paint and yes it does come off. There was an area that i didn't want an emblem and he removed fairly easy and installed a new piece without a cutout. The bugs...
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    Belanger install instructions

    There were a couple on YouTube, I'll see if I can find them for you.
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    New paint

    This car was completely taken apart and pieces logged and photos the entire project. When I received some of the half way thru it can be a bit sickening but these guys did an A+ job on the car and there is not area on the car where you can tell it had another color.
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    3M Paint Defender... Anyone Tried it Out?

    I just had whole car covered by self healing film. The guys name is Thom out of the Dallas area(pro-tectmobile), the guy did an A+ job on my car and drove to my house for the install. I'll attach his contact info and I promise you can't go wrong, I did tons of research before picking the right...
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    Who has removed sun visors?

    Do it.. They do have a purpose but way better without them.
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    New paint

    I had another set of polished on it but just didn't look right to me.
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    New paint

    Yes, it's Lamborghini Balloon White. I saw it on a guys car that had done a tt setup from underground racing and had to have it. I know it's always said but pictures don't do it justice.
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    New paint

    Balloon white, the guys at accelerated paint in spring did an outstanding job.. Couple of small pickups but the paint is flawless now, Very happy I choose these guys.
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    New paint

    Just got car covered in clear skin last week with cut outs for badging, got all new badges from viper store and putting them on tomorrow. The exhaust tips were custom fab from previous owner that wanted a projection of aftermarket exhaust, great touch.
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    New paint

    New pics of paint and clear shield.
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    Parting out light modifications

    How much you looking for complete exhaust,
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    LED lights added to headlight assembly

    Would love to see a few more photos if you can, I've been on the fence about doing the same thing with mine.
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    Interior Upgrades

    Can these be ordered with white stitching?

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