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    VIDEO: SRT VIPER T.A. Track Test

    always good to see Vipers in action. Bruce
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    VCA Drama: what are the known facts?

    Or maybe just dance around the real questions and watch everyone disappear rather than keeping folks updated. Even if the answer is it is under review, that is at least something. Too many people are fed up and have a right to ask WITH ANSWERS. The only questions being answered are secondary...
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    VCA Drama: what are the known facts?

    Till the pitchers of Kool-Aid stop getting poured, we will never get a straight answer. Bruce
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    New Top from Autoform

    WOW, I want an R/T now. Bruce
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    New Purchase Questions

    Do not settle on a car, get what you want. Bruce
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    SRT Viper Book - Maurice Liang

    i have 3 copies, 2 are signed by Maurice and the SRT team. Bruce
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    Track Pack Wheels on ACR

    those wheels look great on a solid car, may be too busy for a striped one. Bruce
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    Welcome Dan Everts as new VCA President!

    this club needs a clean sweep of officers. Bruce
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    VCA legal Counsel, Bill Corum has resigned

    Yes, Bill was President of the KC Chapter after Chris. Bruce
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    Welcome Dan Everts as new VCA President!

    Sun Diego, Where do you get all your information from? Bruce
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    The hits just keep coming! Porsche 918 lapped "The Ring" IN 6:57

    I agree, Price is not a factor in the Ring wars. Sure there are better bang for the buck cars out there, but the record looks like it goes to the highest bidder. Nice run anyway. Bruce
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    Lee resigned

    Uh both sides of the aisle, should be only 1 side. Bruce
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    Porsche 918 Spyder breaks Ring record

    I wonder if he farted in it. Sorry could not resist. Is this a true production street car? Bruce
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    Free Jon B

    I am aware of a few that have left and others that are not allowed to be vendors that have a great rep. Bruce
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    Yellow Gen V lowered on Concavo rims.

    not feeling it, way too low. Bruce
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    Free Jon B

    I find it a little odd that I have known of several of the ongoing issues for a couple of years, yet National officers had no idea or buried their head in the sand. I posed the question on the financials of the VCA after 1 year of it running just o see how the new baby was doing. got sent a PM...
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    Where does the VCA go from here (Positive Thread)!!!

    There has to be some initial bleeding that can be stopped. Sounds like more trouble against Ralph is still going. There are a few that need to be removed ASAP. As some one said earlier the assets of the club need to be secured too. Bruce
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    2010 Viper production poster

    This is about as close as it gets. Bruce
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    Free Jon B

    can we get some of the questions answered on the Questions for the VCA thread. Great news to see some communication begin to roll out. We are all excited to see the club prosper again as long as proper steps are taken to ensure our prosperity. Thanks for taking the time to respond Randall...
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    Free Jon B

    This is great news and nice to get a glimmer of clarification. Thanks VCA Staff Bruce
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    Gen V has it's work cut out for it at the Ring...

    no need to reveal your hand when you are at the top of the heap. Viper still holds the title last time I checked Bruce
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    Free Jon B

    Oh i agree completely. will be intersting to see how the VCA staff reacts to this since it appears he has been let off the hook. Bruce
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    Gen V ACR

    my thoughts. Lightweight rims and better tires. Aero group that creates downforce. shave some weight Possible different hood that generates more air and downforce Number the ACR's badging wise Create a seperate Vin identifier for ACR's unique paint schemes Racing variation options or...
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    Free Jon B

    this thread could be interesting. :eater: Bruce