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    Locked out of my 05 SRT10 Help

    yah, but u need a key for that:)
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    Locked out of my 05 SRT10 Help

    Help! I needed to charge the battery and had keys in ignition. I got out of car closed door and put battery charger on car. When I did this it must have locked the doors for some reason. My wallet, cell phone, keys, fob, etc are in the car. How do I get back in? I can't find my spare set, etc...
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    Broken Valentine?

    Interesting Jon, Mine constantly goes off....
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    Broken Valentine?

    Anyone experience problems with their valentine radar? Seems mine constantly goes off showing a bogey in the rear. (yup, you read that right.. a bogey in the rear!) Constantly flashing and beeping in all modes. is there simple fix I'm overlooking or is it time to send it in.. ? Turned cell...
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    Exhaust Shop needed fast in Tampa

    Any exhaust shop should be able to help you. Viper or not, they're just pipes, nuts and bolts.... Good Luck
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    Draw on Battery ..

    Thanks but it just repeats what I stated.. BCM.. i guess it juts needs replacing. Im getting that and the lazy door handle issue also.
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    So where are all the original people from this site?

    My weight. Any other questions? ;-)
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    looking for bad apple in Monroe, Louisianna

    He's DEFINATLEY on this site and was quite active a while ago. Sorry you got taken. Good Luck
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    Draw on Battery ..

    Has anyone experienced a draw on their battery on an SRT-10? Let me explain the situation to answer a few questions that are going to be asked. I've been dealing with a dead battery on my car for about a year. If I let the car sit for a time of about 3-5 days I would have to charge the battery...
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    So where are all the original people from this site?

    pfffffffffffffffft hey guys!
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    Roe Blower and light flywheel???????? ASAP, Please!!!

    phew, good reading.. Thanks all!
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    How low can you go?

    I've just went thru this. Had to adjust - readjust about 7 or 8 times. It's amazing what 1/16" of an inch can do. I've got CCW505A's on my black SRT10 and it's dropped and it looks M E A N ... :)
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    The difference is orgasmic.... automotively speaking of course...

    The last of your money?? [******]?? Please tell me you tucked that 100k + away in a mutual or something!! ;) G
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    My 1000+ Horsepower DLM Supercharged SRT coming up for sale!

    it'll make a nice ride for someone soon I bet.. ;) G
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    The Next VCA Raffle......... Starts Now!

    I'm going to win one of these raffles if I have to be a member until I'm 86 years old... !!! i WANT THIS ONE!
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    NEW PRODUCT **** FOR SRT10*****

    i like it...i don't know if it was already asked but can u get the double bubble look that will fit in the trunk? The main reason I sold my GenI was if the top was down and it rained, I was screwed... I dont want to be limited by something that can / can't fit in the trunk.
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    Just Received My Insurance Premium Notice................

    I forget my actual numbers but I was with Allstate, about 750 every 6 months. EACH VIPER switched to State Farm, cut rate in just about HALF. TRIPLED my coverage to the max also. Screw allstate. I think it's everyones BEST interest to get quotes every couple of years with car insurance.. G
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    05 Heffner Twin Turbo Viper SRT-10 For Sale

    wow, that's a LOT of scratch! Have you tried putting it into the DuPont registry?
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    I am testing out 1200 degree plug wires- Pics inside.

    Let me know about them u crazy asian
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    Alden Eagle install

    I was in the exact same position you were with the spanner wrench. Car was done, waiting outside in the garage parking lot. It sat and settled too much so I asked them to readjust them.. it was about 4 o'clock on a Friday and I had to have my car for the weekend and I was not about to let my car...
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    Who's the BADDEST builder !!!

    Re: Who\'s the BADDEST builder !!! Crazy, you are just waaaay off base here. Stop while you have some face left, if any.. G
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    You know you own a Viper when.....

    When you blow the doors off of Suzuki Hayabusa's. I friggin' love it. G