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    Battery finally went dead in my 98 R/T.

    Battery finally went dead, It was installed in 03. Amazing 10 years out of it. I kept a Battery Tender on it most of the time between Drives. It was showing green but it just click clicked.. Pulled it, installed a new one. Started right up. Recommend those Battery Tenders, they work awesome...
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    Viper Pistol

    Every Viper owner needs one of these to protect the Beast from Riff Raff.
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    Oil sending unit leaking.

    Is this a common problem with Gen 2, the rubber plug and wire that connects to the unit keeps getting pushed out when oil pressure starts rising from startup, then leaks. Is this a blown out oil sending switch?
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    Sqeeking noises

    I have a 98 R/T 10, And I have a constant sqeeking or popping sound that sounds like its coming from under the driver side Dash. Its starting to drive me nuts. Any Ideas?:(