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    New Board Lost my Car Image ?

    Ok Im sure someone has had this ...... I havent been on in a while and with the new board I noticed my car image is no longer there, suggestions.........thanks :2tu:

    Is There an ATCO Run Tomorrow THurs June 2 ?

    Twin you there ? Is this still on ? Got stuck in MD last week but will be in Trenton Nj for mtg and then ?

    Who Has "GEN I" ROE SC System

    Who Has \"GEN I\" ROE SC System THe bug may have bitten me, now that the Gen I system has been out for a while I would like to hear from any that have gone that route, good, bad or otherwise, please help me spend my money $$$, thanks in advance ;)

    Captree Sun 17th ?? 70 Degrees

    Anyone going, I am heading there in the morning leaving house about 8AM

    Belanger Does it Right !!

    Little late in getting this post out but I wanted to say Belanger and company are a stand up organization not to mention their product is outstanding. My car had some over the winter issues that needed to be tended to and while doing so;-- what the heck time to make an exhaust swap. Headers...

    Looking for New Chrome Tips for Side Exhaust

    Jut Hooked up the car with Belangers and Roe Side Exhaust,I am looking for some chrome Tips to finish the look, I have seen the ZAF ones but looking for others, anyone ........?

    Just wanted to say Thanks to the Viper Nation !!

    Well I have been on the board now for about 2 years. This will be my 1000 post, not exactly in the category of any of the Top 10 Posters Chuck 98 RT/10 8388 Craig 201 MPH 4920 Gerald 4713 joe117 4054 ab 3858 1TONY1 3387 Vic 3360 JonB - PartsRack 3136 Mike Brunton 3039 Y2K5SRT 3022...

    Just Picked up GTECH PRO on Ebay

    I inquired a while ago about the GTECH performance meter and several of you gave it the thumbs up. With the new models on the market for $189 - $229 (they can sync up on pc)the older modles in the box new can be had for $27. Couldn't take the Viper out with the amount of snow we had here in NY...

    GTECH PRO 0 -60 Performance Meters

    Ayone use this device for 1/4 mile , 0-60 times in their snake or any other similar monitor that you might recomend.

    ROE Exhaust for GEN I

    Anyone have experience with the ROE GEN I side exhaust direct replacement, good or bad ? Fall/Winter project comming soon along with Rockers.

    Very Happy with New Hood Pad & Other Goodies,

    I am very happy with recent additions from some of our finest vendors in the community Venomblue550 / Zero Alt / Parts Rack / S&L Metal Restoration of LI Each of these vendors delevired products of high quality and on time, thank you all............JW :2tu: Hood Pad from Venomblue550...

    Love the new Bolt On's we picked up at a recent show

    Love the new Bolt On\'s we picked up at a recent show

    NY Vipers, Looking for extra set of wheels

    Fellow NY or close to NY Snakes, I have negotiated to have my wheels refinished by local vendor S&L metal of Long Island, his work looks very solid. I am looking to see if anyone has an old set of rims laying around that I could rent (yes Ill pay) or borrow or barter whatever for about a...

    Anyone Use EBC Black Rotors ?

    I am going to have my wheels refinished and they dont show a lot of rotor/caliper due to design but I want to put new rotors and new pads when the change is made. EBC offers a black / slotted /dimpled / Rotor for the Viper at very reasonable price $285 /pr. I like the idea of the black...

    Help In DE with GTS Purchase

    Anyone in MD, DE, southern NJ dealt with the Price Autogroup in New Castel DE on Dupont HWY. Very good friend finally looking to make the plunge and get out of his vette into 2001 Saphire Blue GTS asking 56K at dealer Wty over but can buy new one. They are several car dealers together...

    Any one Use East Coast Performance/Snake Pit Racing ?

    Has any one had any experience with these guys out of West Orange NJ ?

    2002 Gen II Bumper on 95 Gen I Car ?

    Are there any issues with swapping Gen II front bumper onto Gen I car. I've seen some cars with them, do they bolt on directly or are mods needed ?

    Gotta Say Special Thanks to Chuck

    I know I am only telling you all what you already know but Chuck Tator takes customer service to a whole different level. My 95 had a very rare thing happen to the ****** that for simplicity sake Ill say Chuck took care of but the extra things he did in giving the car the once over and spending...

    First Trip To Tators - First Ticket

    Well today was a day of firsts. After many conversations and just as many suggestions I brought my car from LI today to Tators for the once over and some warranty work. (not to mention a few detailed exhaust discussions). Chuck was great to meet and and a certifable Viper Nut ! I love it...

    Last 300 SIde Exhaust ?

    I am told there is a stamping somewhere on the last 300 95 side exhaust cars made. Can someone tell me where they can be found. :usa: