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  1. George Farris

    27 Years of Viper

    Got my first Viper 27 years ago, February 24, 1994. Lived in Northern Virginia and found one available at Raymond Dodge near Philly. It was gloomy winter day in between snow storms. The dealer needed to get rid of it as he had a black '94 coming in. So "under sticker" added to the thrill...
  2. George Farris

    VCA Renewal Gift

    Just want to say the "COIN" is outstanding. One of the neatest trinkets ever!!!!
  3. George Farris

    2000-02 RT/10 Search

    One of my original Viper buddies from the mid '90s wants to get back in. He lives in VA. However, if there is a 2000-02 RT/10 for sale in the DFW area, I can check it out for him and, hopefully, a deal can be made. Long shot, but worth a try. Thankx, george
  4. George Farris

    Motor Oil

    What weight motor oil is now recommended for the GTS ... Seems 10W30 is no longer top choice ...
  5. George Farris

    Tires for Sale

    Less than 2000 miles ... $100 for the pair.
  6. George Farris

    Ben Keating!!!

    Ben and his team finished on the podium at the 24 Hours of LeMans ... They ran a Ferrari this year ... They were in the GT-AM class ... Ran 2nd most of the race ... finished 3rd ... Great job, proud of Ben ...
  7. George Farris

    Ad in Classified

    Why isn't my ad showing up in the Classifieds??
  8. George Farris

    2014 "ACR"

    Friend in Amarillo purchased a GTS about 2 months ago. It is (was) solid white with the Laguna interior. Super nice car!! A wing from Snake Oyl was installed. Then the center was painted black and a red driver's stripe added. Finally, the wheels were powder coated shiny black. Car looks...
  9. George Farris

    20 Years of Viper Ownership today

    It has been a blast and I would not trade it for anything. When the Viper appeared at the 1989 Detroit Auto Show, everybody went nuts, especially a Mopar fan like me. But with all 4 kids in college at the same time, owning a Viper was a pipe dream. However, each graduation resulted in a...
  10. George Farris

    Chrysler Sales

    From Allpar: "Chrysler Group LLC reported that its net income rose 22%, to $464 million for the quarter — more than its $381 million profit in Q3 2012. Net income for the first nine months of 2013 totals more than $1.1 billion." If this continues, we should be getting more toys ...
  11. George Farris

    1998 GTS- R at Auction

    Mecum Auction Monterrey. Car is Lot 173. 3700 miles. Should be very interesting. Best of the Best going today.
  12. George Farris

    Amarillo Dyno Day

    Few Vipers got together at Boost Performance in Amarillo for a Dyno Day. Here is the video and recap. It was a little too HOT, but we had a great time!!! The two 08 coupes have the exact same mods. The SSG was one of the first 50 built while the Orange was one of the last 08s built. Same...
  13. George Farris

    GEN I Side Sills

    Have side sills from a 1993 RT/10. Have been using them to help decorate the garage. May be willing to part with them. Lemme know of any interest ....
  14. George Farris

    C&C May 4

    Anybody going?? Wife and I will drop in with Viper and then take in W's new Library.
  15. George Farris

    19 Years Ago Today

    Yep .. got my first Viper 2/24/1994. It was a late 1993 .... #796. Bought it at Raymond Dodge just outside of Philly ... under sticker!!!! The deal took less than 20 minutes ... figuring out the top took about an hour!! The drive back to Northern Virginia will never be forgotten. People went...
  16. George Farris

    Changing Plugs - GEN IV

    Looks to be pretty straight forward. # 9 and #10 a little tight ... Anything tricks I need to know? Thankx
  17. George Farris

    Spark Plug Gap

    For a 2008 GEN IV?? Thankx...
  18. George Farris

    2008 Door Trim Issue

    Coupe passenger side pull handle separated from Door Trim Panel. New panel is $1100 and NOT covered under extended warranty. OUCH!!! Anybody else had this problem?
  19. George Farris

    2013 Option Prices

    Have seen the base prices for the 2013 Vipers. Do we have prices for the options?
  20. George Farris

    2013 On the Track

    This will get you excited!!
  21. George Farris

    Mecum Auction Dallas

    Two 1995 RT/10s just crossed the block. Red 28.8K miles sold for $29,000. Black with hardtop 20K miles sold for $24,500.
  22. George Farris

    Need Windshield

    The chip seal here is Texas finally got me. Too many "chips" to continue with this windshield. Got a quote from Safelight for around 600 smackers. Is that about the going price?? My '93's windshield was replaced in 2000 for $300. Any suggestions welcomed. Going to Dallas soon - willing...
  23. George Farris

    Gen V Price???

    From where did the $137K price come???? My understanding is that the prices will not be announced for another two months. Thankx.
  24. George Farris


    Anyone have any infomation on stripes for the new beast? Will there be the two as with past GENs or will there be one fat one down the middle? I like stripes on coupes. Thankx!
  25. George Farris

    Magnaflow Exhaust

    Is there a drone with this catback system on a GTS? Thankx!