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    Battery finally went dead in my 98 R/T.

    Battery finally went dead, It was installed in 03. Amazing 10 years out of it. I kept a Battery Tender on it most of the time between Drives. It was showing green but it just click clicked.. Pulled it, installed a new one. Started right up. Recommend those Battery Tenders, they work awesome...
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    Viper Pistol

    Wildey Pistol This .475 Magnum would work great for me. And yes it's American made.
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    Viper Pistol

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    Viper Pistol

    Every Viper owner needs one of these to protect the Beast from Riff Raff.
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    Oil sending unit leaking.

    Thanks Jerry, I ordered a new Sending Unit, I appreciate it.
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    Oil sending unit leaking.

    Did Replacing the sending unit fix the problem? Or is the wiring side in of need of replacement?
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    Let's get an odometer reading from everyone

    My 98 R/T is at 33,850, Purchased in 04 with 24,500 miles.
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    Oil sending unit leaking.

    Is this a common problem with Gen 2, the rubber plug and wire that connects to the unit keeps getting pushed out when oil pressure starts rising from startup, then leaks. Is this a blown out oil sending switch?
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    1999 RT-10 Winter Refurbishment and upgrade

    Looks Awesome Richard!
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    WA State VCA - *** ROOTBEER?

    Probably not, But I will stop by and look real quick at the rides. I might be doing the Olympic Air Show though. Car shows get boring after about an hour or so.
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    Barret Jackson not such a good deal anymore..

    Leland West works for me. 40,000 agreed value 2,500 miles year For about $500 a year
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    white Viper

    I knew of a White and Blue 96 R/T 10 owner. He was part owner of Sunset Motorsports used Motorbike store in Fife a few years ago. I almost bought a set of wheels from him.
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    Snakeskin green and black paint on my gts.

    I would love that combo!
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    '98 RT, Few Made - Rare or Just Not Wanted???

    I think they only made about 380 or so R/Ts in 98. 240 or so Red, The Rest Black I believe. Not sure exactly though. Never seem to see them much for sale.
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    how not to leave a bar

    It's never happened to myself, being the only Viper at cars shows that have 10 or so Vettes. LOL
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    Olympia Airshow 2011

    I have a Friend that's a member of the CAF, that rode on the B-17 a few times. Very Cool. I actually knew a couple of people who came to see the Vipers last year but could not gain access to us.
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    Ridelow RT/10

    I saw the car in Salt Lake City at VoI 11. Looked like a Rat Rod, Not my cup of Tea.
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    Satin Snake Skin Green RT-10...what do you guys think??

    Duel Black Stripes, and lose the Red Viper emblem for a Black one! But really it's what you like that counts! Like the color, but I like a Glossy finish instead.
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    Happy Birthday Ralph!!

    Happy Birthday Ralph! You're keeping the Venom in Dodge. Yeah!
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    Autosport Show 2011

    Thats Awesome, Looks Great!