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    Gen V Walkaround Impressions

    Well I finally saw a Gen V up close at Helfman in Houston. They have a loaded Blue/Silver Stripe GTS with the track package. It also has a $10,000 "market adjustment". I went in with plans to finally order the '14 SRT Jeep if we could agree upon price. Needless to say the market adjustment...
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    Official "Spotted" Thread

    It may be too early for this, or if I missed a thread like this please delete it. Otherwise, post pics and places where Gen Vs are spotted. I saw my first on Friday morning in Houston on the West Park Tollway. I was headed out of town, it was a launch edition headed in. It happened too quick...
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    The Verdict

    It's really grown on me and overall I love it. I can't wait to see it in different colors. Austin's photoshop of the "blue steel" GTS is what sold me. That is all.
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    Dear Ralph

    You have the potential to make the sickest ACR known to man. The GTS-R is pure win. If you really care about the Viper, the community, and it's reputation, make the ACR look as close the GTS-R as legally possible. Same width, same hood (sans hood pins), etc. Do that, sell it for $145k, and make...