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  1. denniskgb

    Gen 1 with heads and cam

    Thats awesome, congrats. I also read that Greg's shop is no longer open?
  2. denniskgb

    2,500 mile road trip

    wow you daily your many miles are on it?
  3. denniskgb


    higher crank batteries are fine but you need a trickle charger to maintain it when the car is just sitting stored..
  4. denniskgb

    Turnersville Dodge-Very Bad Experience

    i am in south jersey, 856 981 7129...i deal directly with another viper mechanic from that dealership. i am getting a bunch of stuff done to the car. and he is doing it in the area at his friends garage that has a lift..
  5. denniskgb

    Gen 1 OEM wheels w/ spacers

    i would not mess with spacers, overextending lug nuts plus you may run into the problem with outer surface of the tire would start rubbing on the inside of the wheel wells moldings under the compression
  6. denniskgb

    02 RT/10 Best Sales Sites

    did it ever sell?
  7. denniskgb

    New Viper owner!

    Pics? and congrats
  8. denniskgb

    New 1997 GTS owner and VCA member

    congrats remember seing that car for sale on ebay? very low miles. enjoy:2tu::drive:
  9. denniskgb

    I destroyed a Hellcat

    I just read a different story on the Hellcat Forum:omg: ......just kiding
  10. denniskgb

    New owner of a 2014 GTS

    Congrats and hurry up to get it because you guys get 4,5 weeks of summer in Wisconsin:D
  11. denniskgb

    I destroyed a Hellcat

    Hope the Cheettos did not make your engine explode. Be carefull on public streets. Its not worth it...for bragging rights....:drive:
  12. denniskgb

    Scaring mother in law with a ride

    Really funny, thank you for sharing:2tu:
  13. denniskgb

    PLEASE HELP, Need answers.. new accident victom.

    Well fix it it and drive the balls out of it. The concours days are done and over with, my friend. So may enjoy it now....Things happen for a reason, no one got hurt (except a mental bruise) and that's the most important thing
  14. denniskgb

    92 Viper Questions

    That's awesome a 16 ACR....why on earth you want to go to Gen1?
  15. denniskgb

    The ride?

    your back will be fine and the ride is tight not rough. best thing to do is to find someone local that owns a viper and go for a ride.
  16. denniskgb

    DIY Aero

    Re: My new wing pictures. Not driving your car to keep miles low for resale value is like not banging your girlfriend to keep it tight for the next guy
  17. denniskgb

    DIY Aero

    Re: My new wing pictures. I bought my car to drive too. bought with 22k miles...4 years later it has 43k miles. I bought it to enjoy not to resell. Hate when cars are bought and sit....I just added an 2011 Ford Raptor and just can not stop driving it everywhere. I think I put 2000 miles in 3...
  18. denniskgb

    New owner of Orange TA #55/93

    The ownership is intoxicating, welcome and best of luck with this beauty
  19. denniskgb

    My new wing pictures.

    Love the color combo, Steve. Is that s your buddies ACR upfront?
  20. denniskgb

    Viper for sale why NO Bites??

    the price is too high. 39k will buy you Gen2 or Gen3 for that matter. I personally think the high 20s to low 30s is the starting point.
  21. denniskgb

    What is up with FCA marketing?

    Chinese can not pronounce "R"
  22. denniskgb

    Gen 5 Venom Wheels on Gen 2?

    they would fit, there has been threads when the 2013 cars came out...I believe the front would stick out just a bit due to the offset, but should be no issues
  23. denniskgb

    Gen2? Must read this. Thanks Jon B. I

    Steve thank you for the info.