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    HI , Any viper owners on Long Island

    Absolutely plenty of people on Long Island - I'll drop you a PM... we have some guys getting together Saturday morning. Cheers!
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    Rare Viper to be Crushed

    Anyone have any idea where the rest of the cars are located? Would be interesting to go after them everywhere they are, not just the one in Washington...
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    The Elephant in the room

    This is the most logical response yet, and seems to be inarguable - would like to see any legal counterpoint? (I get what others have said about the history and swag of the region as a VCA region, but the legal / financial question seems to be clear, no?)
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    The definative answer why New Vipers are NOT selling!

    Moundir -- have you gone yet? I'll definitely go with you! Pete you should come with us too! That's incredible how little a dealer can understand after electing to pay into the program... Do your HW!!
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    This FINALLY happened yesterday!

    Awesome pics! So how many tickets were issued on this years turkey?
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    NY/CT Holiday Party 1/25/2014!!!!!

    Ed and Courtney will be there.
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    Nov. 16: Viper Dyno/Tech Session

    great day up there today - thanks Gjon for taking the time and effort with the cars!! here's a SLIDESHOW
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    Nov. 16: Viper Dyno/Tech Session

    the weather is looking good for this weekend! :drive:
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    SRT is trying to get our feedback.

    This sounds very cool! I doubt they're coming too far north after TN...???
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    NY/CT Plataforma-Dinner (Sept. 27 Friday)

    Hey Everyone - Matt had some photos from the event to share with you all - here's a SLIDESHOW
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    Caffeine and Carburetors

    I went in September, it was awesome - I'll be in New Hampshire this weekend so can't make it, but totally worth it for anyone who is around!!
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    Ct Fall Foiliage Cruise Sunday Oct 27th!

    Thanks Jimmy for putting together a GREAT event! Really nice drive, Kent Falls was AWESOME. Nice to see some new folks too - thanks everyone for coming out! Here's a SLIDESHOW of pics
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    Tator's Garage Tech Session 10/12

    apologies for the delay - Here is a SLIDESHOW
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    Ct Fall Foiliage Cruise Sunday Oct 27th!

    Hey NY! Let's do a meeting spot and cruise up from the Hutch Mobil Station in Harrison NY (center of the highway between exits 23 and 25) We will need to LEAVE at 8 a.m. exactly! Show up at that spot anytime between 7:30 and 7:50, engines running at 7:59 :drive:
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    Ct Fall Foiliage Cruise Sunday Oct 27th!

    This sounds like a great route Jimmy! 90% sure we will be in for 2ppl
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    Tator's Garage Tech Session 10/12

    Looking forward to it guys! although I'm happy with my 3.07 for right now you never know... :smirk:
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    New Viper owner here in CT.

    Hi Pony23 - beautiful car - reminds me of my first one. Hopefully the tires are not "bone stock" also - if they are run-flats don't try to drive it too deep into the cooler weather - it will bite quickly. looking forward to meeting you - I work in Norwalk; what part of CT are you in?
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    Fall Foliage Run October 6 2013 10:00 am

    Great to meet some new folks and see old friends too! I was able to squeak out some pictures between the rain drops. Here's a SLIDESHOW
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    Let's try to help SRT save/sell the GEN V.

    Has anyone asked the question - How did Chrysler market Barracudas in 1972? hear me out a sec... 1972 - Huge V8s with 400+ horsepower are EVERYWHERE... get one in a boat of a family sedan, get one in a 2 seat sports car, all 3 domestic brands 20 years later 1992 - Viper comes out into a...
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    11th Annual Police Officer Tom Pisco Memorial Pound Ridge Car Show!

    Thanks! hope to see you soon to get some shots of your amazing new ride!
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    11th Annual Police Officer Tom Pisco Memorial Pound Ridge Car Show!

    Good Show, bad weather! I was amazed at how may people stuck it out despite the rain. Here's a SLIDESHOW
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    11th Annual Police Officer Tom Pisco Memorial Pound Ridge Car Show!

    The weather looks great for Saturday, and Tator's Famous Deviled Eggs alone are worth the trip for the pre-show gathering... hope to see you all there!
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    2013 Annual 9-11 Respect Cruise in Honor of PAPD Lt. Cirri Sept 14th

    Thanks guys! and Russ - I totally agree.. This event really gives you a sense of pride in your fellow Viper owners :usa:
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    11th Annual Police Officer Tom Pisco Memorial Pound Ridge Car Show!

    This is always a big turnout... let's see a field of Vipers like this a few years ago :2tu:
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    Pics of your viper with your daily driver

    Here's my 2012 S4 with the Viper. What a blast for a DD... 333hp from a blown V6... 6 sp manual, and you can set the Quattro to vector 80% torque to the rear end so you can get the tail out :drive:

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