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    BTR Nitrous Propane

    Thanks, Tony. As Tony correctly pointed out although this system is capable of incredible power and multiple stages, you could use it as a very small single stage shot as well. If you don't know much about nitrous hire Tony to setup and tune this kit for you and you'll be set. The nice...
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    BTR Nitrous Propane

    I've got a top of the line BTR Nitrous/Propane/Race gas multi-stage system for a Gen II that has been gathering dust in my garage forever. I've listed in in the classifieds for a while, but no sale---is anyone still using these? Any interest before I part this system on ebay and throw away the...
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    A Tale of Two Vipers

    After two spins in his first session, they should have pulled the plug on that guy---at least until a dry day. Apparently, this guy had more ego than common sense---which is dangerous on any track, but could be deadly on a wet track in a 600 hp vehicle. Guys like that should be forced to...
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    It's here - and it's scaring the neighbors...

    Wow, you're tall, I'm 5'10 and use the heck out of my dead pedal---but then again with the same 2" seat lowering kit, I have my pedals all the way forward (meaning as close to me as possible) at the track and the seat back straightened up quite a bit---the pedals get pushed about 3" further back...
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    It's here - and it's scaring the neighbors...

    If you are going to track it, you'll want that dead pedal back.
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    My viper tat

    You're not too old. I'm 32 and probably thought the same thing as you.
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    Paxton /Lean update ...

    Good job. Thanks for the update.
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    400 Miles and this is what I ate

    What I've found will cause most people to spin in this car is lift throttle oversteer. They are accelerating with fairly high revs while the car is pulling lateral g's,and for whatever reason, be it fear or some other need to slow down, let their foot off the throttle suddenly and sharply...
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    heres a rough figure.

    That's exactly what I said regarding them needing a halo vehicle---but as I also said, I'm not sure this argument holds water.
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    heres a rough figure.

    It's not anything compared to the other cars though. Even if the viper has equal engineering and development costs to a normal passenger vehicle, those vehicles have their cost spread over 100 times more units. Combine that with the fact that the Viper requires a lot more human labor per unit to...
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    Good News, Bad News

    Runcraps are bad but they aren't THAT bad and they don't cause accidents. I autocrossed the **** out of mine. I instantly lose all respect when people start pointing to the car as the cause of the accident.
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    Should I install a roll bar in SRT convert?

    NP, I had the 1" then went to the 2". I like the 2" a lot better. Event though the seat is fixed fore/aft, the adjustable pedals make it work. I actually had to push the pedals further back once I got the 2" kit, because even though the seat was in the same position, my legs were straighter...
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    Godchild and Viper

    My godson is two. I go over to the house with the viper and he likes to press the start button, when the car starts, I rev it, he laughs for a while, then I turn the car off and he starts it again. He thinks it's pretty damn funny. He also likes to yell TRUCK at the top of his lungs everytime...
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    Good News, Bad News

    Two words---driver error. No other excuses, explanations, or reconstructions needed. Happens to everyone at some point. Pick up, learn from your mistakes, and move on (and maybe next time be smart enough not to out yourself when you screw up). Petsnake, when are you getting out of the...
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    Stoptech Aerorotor Crack???

    Call up Norm (TXWYD), he can tell you what a cracked rotor looks like---he's probably got a pallet full after that magazine test.
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    GTS Number 4 is in the garage!

    You should park it between the Enzos, Toby, instead of next to them.
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    Head and neck restraints; lessons from my wreck

    LOL, it would have to be just the track. A HANS device clips onto your helmet.
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    Pictures Please - New Vert Owner

    I've always thought that on a red SRT that silver or black stripes look the best, but don't lay them out straight, make them get wider toward the back.
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    Should I install a roll bar in SRT convert?

    I agree with Canyon. I installed a 2" seat lowering kit at the same time and think that the combination of that and the rollbar is really great for a street car that is occasionally taken to track days. I don't have six points yet, but that would really round out the package.
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    Should I install a roll bar in SRT convert?

    Again, for a cage, I could probably concur, but for a rollbar in these cars---no way. Take a look at the Autoform rollbar that is being discussed in this post and explain to me what plane it provides strength in that you would want to crush. Side impact and rollover, it's nothing but benefit.
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    Should I install a roll bar in SRT convert?

    That's the Autoform. Actually the pictures on that site are of the old version of the Autoform---they since lowered the crossbar so it fits under the back panel and doesn't block vision to the reat or interfere with the top latch. However, I think you can still order it from them either...
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    Should I install a roll bar in SRT convert?

    No problem. I just didn't want to scare anyone away from a rollbar as I feel they are a very worthwhile addition in any open car that is to be driven fast. They also have the added benefit of stiffening the chassis a bit.
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    Should I install a roll bar in SRT convert?

    Flyn- I have an Autoform in my SRT-10 that will be for sale shortly. If you are interested shoot me a PM. As far as contact on the street that applies to a rollCAGE not a rollBAR. Rollcages have bars that extend forward, rollbars do not. Just as there is no conceivable situation in which...
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    Ballpark cost of these upgrades?

    Getting over 650 RWHP with an NA motor will take some doing. You'll probably need Stryker heads, a big bumpstick, and some sort of aftermarket tuning---be it an AEM, VEC, or reflash. I'm being general because there are a lot of ways to skin that cat. Just depends on what you want the car for...

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