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  1. intense5.5

    Mechanic to install a Paxton supercharger

    Chuck Tator is your answer.
  2. intense5.5

    Gen III power steering

    He said they chafe. He wasn't specific as to where and I wasn't going to argue with him, he's the expert.
  3. intense5.5

    Gen III power steering

    Dan no longer sells them. I had an email conversation with him not long ago. He actually discourages the use of ss replacement lines and told me to get oem. Op if ss power steering lines are what you want try JTS Vemon.
  4. intense5.5

    2006 coupe trying to install aldan rear shocks but cannot screw the aldan rear shock into the fork the threads are wrong

    I’m impressed that you’re 80 and working on your car yourself. I’m in Denville if you need a hand.
  5. intense5.5

    Got my carbon fiber TA style spoiler installed! PICS!!

    You didn't get it wrong. Don't send him a cent.
  6. intense5.5

    Few shots from yesterday's cars & coffee

    Do the fuel door in satin black to match the wheels. Nice car.
  7. intense5.5

    Is there a shortage of oil cooler lines for Gen 4?

    Same thoughts as both above posts. Do it right once and be done. The lines are only $300 and you can do it yourself in a few hours. Get some lines from VSP or Snakeoyl and start enjoying your car - its driving season man! If I had an ACR it wouldn't be sitting still!
  8. intense5.5

    CAlling Vipair...or Steve Prescott

    Glad you got your parts and were able to get them in but I did warn you about dealing with vipair Aaron.
  9. intense5.5

    Good place to service viper near Jersey City, NJ

    The above suggestion is the only one you need around here. Tators' dodge ;
  10. intense5.5

    Has anyone else ordered the BC coilovers from Will at RSI in the past 6 months?

    Great. Now my wife's going to have to wait 6 months to get her parts too :rolleyes:.
  11. intense5.5

    Has anyone else ordered the BC coilovers from Will at RSI in the past 6 months?

    Which means that there'll soon be a thread titled "I just order an all beef hot dog from WillSteve and" ...
  12. intense5.5

    Has anyone else ordered the BC coilovers from Will at RSI in the past 6 months?

    Oops, thought this was the vipair thread. Same thing I guess. Hope you guys get your parts or your money back.
  13. intense5.5

    Acr front rotors

    A little more info might help you get them sold - pics + condition and price. Also saves you answering a bunch of pms with the same questions.
  14. intense5.5

    CAlling Vipair...or Steve Prescott

    His website is still up and running. Maybe he'll have a going out of business sale. Anyone that lives near him want to go to his shop and pick up a c/f shift and climate control bezel set for me?
  15. intense5.5

    Picking up this gen 3 monday

    I don't want to insult the op, but I've never understood these type of threads - i.e. - I'm buying this car, anyone know it's history? It would seem the op has committed to buying when he says he's picking it up on Monday. Why not post up and research the cars' history before making any...
  16. intense5.5

    new to viper-possible stupid questions.

    Not sure where you're seeing those numbers ($250, $79). The vsp lines are $295 and the snake oyl lines are $360. And yes, they're worth it.
  17. intense5.5

    new to viper-possible stupid questions.

    1st; Don't waste your money on the K&N. 2nd; Why not replace all four tires? Don't just go by wear, what's the tires' age? 3rd; Oil lines - or...
  18. intense5.5

    Coupe Rear Conversion on Convertible

    Yes, from vipair. Research before buying and see if you want to roll the dice.
  19. intense5.5

    Viper used in Jack in the Box ad

    Looks like you tore it a little on the bottom getting it off the wall :D.
  20. intense5.5

    Magazines Shipped

    ^^ Same here. Didn't look at the postmark. Two down, one to go , correct?
  21. intense5.5

    Most beautiful Viper out there

    I can't help you with the poster but here it is in die-cast, 1/18th scale (I have one in my collection);
  22. intense5.5

    Magazines Shipped

    Re: still no magazines yet We'll have them feb. the 29th.
  23. intense5.5

    New Owner 2006 Coupe First Edition 175/200

    Congrats here also. I called Bernie last month to buy #37 but it had been sold.
  24. intense5.5

    My first ride in the Viper!

    All the ACRs have factory installed, wind tunnel tested aero - rear wing/front splitter to balance each other, and increase down force (technically they reduce lift). Some how I doubt your wing has had such rigorous testing. As far as going over 100mph, for your and others' safety, as some one...
  25. intense5.5

    New Viper commercial

    Hey, I'm watching Graveyard cars right now and a Sta-Bil commercial featuring a '06 B/W FE car was just on!!!! :2tu::headbang:

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