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    Interesting video about future collectilbility of Viper

    I'm 30 and I bought mine 4 years ago. It will be completely paid off in 6 months. Nice little slice of life, that car.
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    New Top from Autoform

    Yes, I too would be interested in the cost.
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    The Saga of the Dinged Up Dodge

    Like the progress. So, why did you melt Legos in acetone to make ABS glue instead of just buying ABS glue at the hardware store?
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    GTS running hot

    Jumpers...dangerous. Find out load from fan and use a fuse link as a jumper...
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    My 1995 Viper

    Congrats! I also have a '95; fun cars indeed. How many miles? Time to check to see if your head gaskets were replaced. Mine had low miles, BUT the parts are still old and will fail. Here is the maintenance I've had to do so far on mine: Head Gasket Replacement - the original ones are...
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    Viper Alka-Seltzer

    So this is your alarm system and not your check engine light?
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    ******How Not To Store Your Wheels**********

    I think EACH wheel was causing a burn. THEN he either moved the wheels a little or jacked the car up and, as a result, caused the other two burns. BAM!
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    Fueling an RT10......Problems?

    Don't shove the nozzle in all the way and it won't click...mine fills up just fine. Have to be aware of the gallons you're putting in or you will fill it to the brim. If you listen closely for a change in pitch, you can tell when the tank is almost full.
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    ******How Not To Store Your Wheels**********

    Good thing you were there to snuff it out! I bet the fire department would have blamed it on the battery.
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    overheat question

    I guess my argument is my car has run at 225F in the summer on the stock thermostat AND my newly installed 180F thermostat. Like you said, at 225F they are both wide open; however, I wasn't aware that the stock didn't open wide until 219F. If what you say is true about the 180F opening all the...
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    overheat question

    Drive the car. I have a '95 and it's always hitting 225F in the summer time during stop and go. In the spring and fall, it barely touches over 180F. I worried about it until I realized that's just how this model runs. I'm driving it in 106F weather this summer and it doesn't go over 225F in...
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    Washing a viper?

    I have an RT10. I got lazy and now I leave the top off when I wash it! I throw some towels over the seats and dash and simply mind where I direct the water. Wipe up any excess when I'm done. Saves a ton of time...
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    Hemotoxin: A Viper cruise video.

    Neat! Additional typing to compensate the 10 character minimum requirement.
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    Mystery battery death solved!

    I have also done this. I use a 750mA tender and haven't had a problem since. Unfortunately, jav8or, I think you'll find that you've only just scratched the surface of this mystery.
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    condensation in car

    Yeah, your condensate drain line is probably plugged. Not much help...I'm not an A/C guru, but I think your evaporator is located on the passenger side. This navigates the low pressure (cold) gas through a coil and is responsible for cooling the air and attracting moisture in the air that the...
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    Draining gas tank on '98 RT/10

    Nice demo! If you unhooked the fuel filter and attached the drain hose to that line while bypassing the relay, would you also be able to achieve the same goal?
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    Will change the head gaskets...

    Depending on when it was last done, you may as well change your plugs and plug wires while you have somewhat good access to the front of the motor...your coil packs are up there and can be knuckle breakers. Don't forget to draw a chalk outline around hood hinges before you take off the hood, or...
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    code P1495

    Yeah, that's how I trouble shot the last code was by counting the flashes. Three turns of the key and it gives you the code(s). I was just hoping that they had something cheap so I could clear my own codes without disconnecting the battery...
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    code P1495

    Do they make a code scanner for a '95? I couldn't find an ODBII for anything earlier than a '96...
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    CEL Came On...Fun

    Success! That was easier than changing the oil! Saved me $530 doing it myself. Thanks for all the help! :)
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    CEL Came On...Fun

    I ordered the O2 sensors and will replace them myself. The funny thing, is that when I started the car a day ago...the CEL light didn't come on! It hasn't come one SINCE! Aren't those alarms supposed to latch until someone clears them? I did the key trick and checked the log and it still...
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    CEL Came On...Fun

    Thanks. I'll check it out hopefully this weekend.
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    CEL Came On...Fun

    I haven't taken the car in yet to see what EXACTLY the problem is (I anticipate it is bad O2 sensor(s)), but I got a quote to change them out...$750. Can anybody comment on if this quote is a ripoff or not?
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    CEL Came On...Fun

    Sorry, '95 Viper. It actually came on when I downshifted three days ago. It was a typical up to about 3k rpms. I disconnected the battery at the driver's side fender where you would jump it about a month ago to swap the amp...turns out it didn't kill the power to the radio, but...

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