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    Gen IV used values

    This is exactly what I do.
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    No Tires at Tire Rack for Gen IV ACR

    Does anyone know why Michelin quit making the Sport Cup in the ACR size? How do the Toyo R888s compare to the Sport Cups?
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    Viper ACR concept shown at SEMA

    We all have a new reason to work hard and earn some more cash. I want one. Glad to see they finally went to a six piston caliper.
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    5 point harness for 2008 ACR

    I was able to buy a nice set of team techs from members who no longer use theirs. Ask around, I'm sure someone is selling. The manufacturer will recertify them if you send them in. Cheaper than getting new ones.
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    Oil Weight?

    I'm a big fan of Royal Purple oil. I asked their opinion about which oil I should use in my Viper for some track use and spirited street driving. Here is what they told me: "We have several great choices for your Viper. The list below shows them in order of most awesome to merely awesome...
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    Initial Impressions: Move from Gen IV Coupe to Gen V GTS

    I just got a Gen IV ACR and love it. Would love to have gotten a Gen V, but told myself I wouldn't spend that much money this time. I have vowed to own a Gen V one day. I love the Gen V and think its beautiful and looks like the best of both worlds; Modern day equipment and performance with...
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    Few shots from yesterday's cars & coffee

    Great looking car and awesome pics. I use to think the Gen II Viper was the best looking Viper, but when I see a car like this it makes me realize how good looking the Gen III and IV are.
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    selling my toys and getting into a gen 3!!

    Nice cars. I love the Lotus. I'd love to own one one day. Good luck with the Gen III hunt. You're going to love it.
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    Any dealers with a blue/white 2013 GTS?

    The LE sure is a sexy car. I want one.
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    Military and LEO Snakes!!

    USMC here, active duty. This is a great idea and I would love to do some cruises with fellow vets and LEO. Plus any Viper owner should probably know a few LEOs who can help when you get pulled over for going way to fast. LOL.
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    ViperExchange Would Like Your Help

    Ben and Bernie, finally got the 2008 ACR you sold me out on the road for a drive and loved it. I can't wait to spend more time behind the wheel and eventually get it to the track. I would be interested in anything race/track related, especially topics and info for newbies getting into the...
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    Mopar PCM and stock PCM swap back and forth

    Dan, thanks for the info. I really appreciate it. Now I just have to get the PCM programmed. I have been told the best way is to do it through a Dodge Viper Tech. Does anyone know a good Viper Tech in Salt Lake City Utah? I have also thought about trying to do it myself. My understanding...
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    Mopar PCM and stock PCM swap back and forth

    I know there are a lot of post about the PCM but what I have read has confused me because most are asking about pcms locked with a different VIN. Here is my situation. I have a new Mopar Performance PCM. I want to install it in my Viper for track use but also want to be able to put the stock...
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    Battery tender/maintainer

    Looking to buy a battery tender for my 2008 SRT10 viper. What model would you recommend? I've read some posts where people have been able to run connection leads out the back of the car for easy connection without having to mount the tender in the car. How well does this work? Any tricks you...
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    Car Cover for GEN IV ACR

    Hello all, I'm looking to get a car cover for my 2008 SRT10 ACR. Is anyone looking to sale their cover? Would need to fit the ACR with its big wing in the rear. Or can anyone recommend a good brand for the ACR? I have looked at the ones offered by Snake-Oyl Products, but wanted to get...
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    08 ACR short throw shifter upgrade

    Boxer, Thanks for the education. Very helpful.
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    08 ACR short throw shifter upgrade

    Boxer, Can you please explain the difference? I have wondered what makes a shifter short throw. I know dodge changed the shift lever in 2010 on the ACR to shorten the distance the knob travels when shifting. If the shifter travels the same number degrees but the radius of the lever is...
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    Hard Core Edition 2008 Viper ACR for sale

    Thanks. Will do. Love Z06s too. The flats would be fun.
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    Oil change day pics

    Nice pics and looks like a lot of fun. Makes me wish I had my Viper here in Virginia and not in Utah.
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    Hellcat versus Viper transmission

    In my opinion Vipers should never have an automatic transmission. Only manuals just like they are doing it now and have done it.
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    Hard Core Edition 2008 Viper ACR for sale

    Dutch, The name is Reliable Carriers. Here is the web address for the shipping company: . If you watch the Velocity channel long enough, you will see their orange trucks in the back ground delivering cars to shows and new owners all the time. I did finally pull...
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    Hard Core Edition 2008 Viper ACR for sale

    I just shipped a Viper from Texas to Utah using Reliable. I got three different quotes and they were the cheapest by at least $100. The car arrived safe and sound and in excellent condition. It took them awhile to pick the car up, but once they picked it up they got the car to Utah in two...
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    08 ACR short throw shifter upgrade

    Thanks for the info. This was a big help.
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    08 ACR short throw shifter upgrade

    All thanks for the info. Probably won't make the change anytime soon but wanted to know if you could switch to the '10. Johnie, How much did the witch cost? Do you know the part number by any chance? I saw mopar performance parts offers the '10 shifter ball and lever for sale. Is this the...

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