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    Viper Days at VIR posts...

    Bonkers' write up: Results to come...
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    Things I learned at VIR Viperdays 2006

    Glad you had a great time Brian. I was there too and had a blast! Sorry I didn't see you. Next time, we should all agree in advance on the board on a time and place for all us board members to meet. It would be nice to put faces to names. Great write up. Nice job. Sounds like you...
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    Viper days @ VIR What shoul I not forget?

    Sunglasses, sun screen and a ball cap. Of course looking at the weather forecast, you might want to bring an umbrella too. I'll be there with a green top shade/rain canopy and extra lawn chairs. All are welcome. :cool:
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    guess I'll try a different forum

    Re: guess I\'ll try a different forum Lots of folks perfer other pads over stock for the track. I think Brakeman 3 pads, which are the only other pads I've tried, are quite a bit better for the track than stock. Others use the Comp Coupe pads. And there are now Brakeman 4 pads which are pure...
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    Need help with lightweight track wheels . . .

    I have the SSR CRS wheels too. So far, they are great! I bought mine from JonB, on a Monday I think.
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    Happy 4th of July! New ride shows!

    That's great timing! I'm bet your cheeks were hurting from holding the smile that just wouldn't leave your face. So did you give joy rides to your guests as part of the day's entertainment?
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    Lowering the viper

    At a minimum, do a search on [******] before you send him your money.
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    Re: VIR IN JULY! WHO\'S GOING??? I'll be there! I've sign up for double run groups (life is short and I'm in a hurry, hehe). I'll be trying out VRL slicks for the first time. Should be fun. I'm in the hospitality/garage suites too! Can't wait to see all you guys and gals!
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    Just got home from the track - major issues with bottoming out

    That is a wild track, alright. I too ran the Shenandoah for my first time earlier this year with NASA. It is a nasty track to be sure. Lots of concrete barriers everywhere you turn, which is, well, almost everywhere. And that banked carousel thing everyone talks about, while interesting and...
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    Help - How do you install replacement wheel studs (Front)?

    I had one replaced that broke. Although I didn't do the replacement myself, I was told from my Viper tech that it was an easy fix. The studs are speciality parts, however, and are different for the front and the rear. Not much help, I know.
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    That sounds right to me, with the only downside being that your passenger air bag may go off in a collision unnecessarily, and, under those circumstances, who cares? And now that I think about it, why would the driver's side air bag be somehow dependent on a sensor indicating that someone...
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    I'm pretty sure it's the seat belt sensor. Try unplugging it (it's easy to do without removing the seat) and going for a spin to see what happens. Maybe it doesn't have to be plugged in.
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    Anyone interested in a stock '03 exhaust system...

    Re: Anyone interested in a stock \'03 exhaust system... Someone can come to my house in Falls Church, VA and pick up my stock exhaust for free too.
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    I use the Team Tech belts too, but I never take them out; I just tuck them out of the way when driving on the street. And I used to think the one-inch kit was just right, until I tried the two-inch kit (which my track made me put in to get me further below the roll bars). I like the two-inch...
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    Thanks for the reply. I don't need adjustability forward or aft, or reclining as long as it's the right fit from the get-go. And although I would like to save the weight, the big perk I'm looking for is more feel of the track. I noticed the same thing about the 1-inch kit from NWE. And...
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    That's funny. I've been considering aftermarket seats as well. To answer your questions, yes, someone has done it, as suggested by Nader...
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    Has Anyone Done the SRT Track Experience at VIR?

    VIR is the best track for Vipers I think. It's long (Full Course is 3.27 miles; Grand Course is 4.2), has lots of elevation changes, lots of turns of many types, long straights, lots of run-off room and is beautiful overall with oak tress and rolling hills. And it's rich in history. If anyone...
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    1" Seat Lowering Kit or 2"?

    Re: 1 I'm 5'9" and like the 2" kit better (I started with the 1" adjustable kit). Although the one-inch kit provides for forward and aft adjustment, the two-inch kit is better anchored and a lot more stable. The two-inch kit also allows you to keep your amp under the passenger seat.
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    Jon B Post

    Jon has gone WAAAAAAAY beyond the call of duty for me on multiple occasions that I've been reluctant to post the details on this board out of concern that I would be advertising some sort of precedent that he would then be expected to live up to with other customers. Since he's lost enough time...
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    South Carolina SRT owners?

    I get to Charleston a few times a year, although I live in the DC area. My wife, a southern belle from Charleston, reminds me often that we're moving back there . . . and soon.
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    Jon B from the PartsRack, worst experience I ever had!

    YellowViperSRT-10, I’ve taken up lots of Jon’s time asking questions about all sorts of parts that I didn’t buy, that's for sure. And he’s never made the same demands on me as he made on you regarding a commitment from you to buy. Not even before I made my very first purchase from him. But...
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    Jon B from the PartsRack, worst experience I ever had!

    Nicely put and right on the money! JonB ALWAYS goes way beyond the call of duty for me. I've needed his above-and-beyond services more times than I care to admit and the guy ALWAYS comes through. Keep up the great work, Jon! :2tu:
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    Trailer bed width for a gen3 car.

    Sloan's are pretty light too, at least if you opt for an aluminum bed and fenders. I think my aluminum Sloan weighs about 1300 pounds. Weigh was a significant consideration for me too, given that my tow vehicle is a midsize SUV with a 7700 towing capacity. Still, I’ve heard nothing but...
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    Guys with Moton Club sports - what settings?

    If I had to do the install over again, I would go with these spring rates.
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    Its officially slammed!!!!!!! (dialup beware)

    Looks GREEEEEEAAAAAAAAAT D! :2tu: And I like the placement of the Moton cans in the trunk. Those are much easier to get to than mine. Expect some wheel rub with her being lowered that much. I filled my cabin with plastic smoke from burning holes in the rear wheel wells during hard...

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