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    Is this normal?

    Completely normal.
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    First Hellcat to Barrett Jackson
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    Since a Stock 2015 Hellcat w/ DR's Just ran 10.85 @126 ph in the 1/4 Mile...

    I have a very good friend, wealthy, who loves the Ferraris Mclarens and Porsche. He has and had several Ferraris, two Mclarens and several Porsches. The last one was a very nice GT3RS. He has no interest in a Viper and doesn't see the car anywhere in the same class, prestige or quality. He likes...
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    Since a Stock 2015 Hellcat w/ DR's Just ran 10.85 @126 ph in the 1/4 Mile...

    I'll tell ya while of course I don't know for sure, nobody outside the inner circle of decision makers does, I think this new Charger may spell doom for the Viper. Its no secret the Viper is not selling nearly as well as they hoped. I doubt the Hellcat is an indication that they will boost the...
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    Advice on replacement Tires.

    Love the PS2s on mine but they weren't cheap.
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    CAlling Vipair...or Steve Prescott

    That's a shame. Did business with him but it was a few years back with no issues. Spoke to him at length since then and he seems to be a good guy. I wonder whats going on.
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    Here a Porsche, there a Porsche

    Porsche is a great car. Give me a GT3RS or a Carrera GT any and I mean any day.
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    No Power Need suggestions.

    Thanks guys I will definitely take a look at all you have suggested....thanks so much.
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    No Power Need suggestions.

    Both sides are flowing the same. stock cats in place and the Paxton belt in intact and moving. spark plugs and wires have not been replaced.
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    No Power Need suggestions.

    Ok Im throwing this out there in hopes of some help with my gen 3. It has the Novi 2000 supercharger along with the BB exhaust. Just today out of the blue it doesnt have the power that it did. When I let off the gas while it always had that crackling backfire, it is now very excessive. Burnt...
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    Viper iconic car of the past 25 years.
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    Need some help

    Trust me Mjorgensen at Woodhouse is the way to go....
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    Re: Paxton owners - GET RID OF YOUR FMU & SPLIT SECOND SETUP AS SOON AS HUMANLY POSSI Love to do it to my Viper but dont know who in Cincinnati could do the tune properly.
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    Viper High Speeds

    I've hit over a hundred here and there for short periods but I did take it to 170 once. Scared the hell out of me. Car was smooth though...too smooth. But it was for a good cause. Had to spank a vette. It was necessary.
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    Most beautiful Viper out there

    Definitely badass and Im usually not a fan of white. Love it.
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    I hope nobody in this place is doing this...

    Hate to admit it but I like the look
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    Scratched Viper idea and going with a C7 Z06

    "It may be measured by body clearance of wheel rims"...but its not. Bumper height yes....wheel well tire clearance no. If the tire can turn freely and complete doesn't matter how close the tire is to the body.
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    Viper...a manly car :)

    I don't know about a Mustang but an Anston Martin is a nice damn car. Manly car? Well I don't know but nice car anyway.
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    Scratched Viper idea and going with a C7 Z06

    Actually that car would be quite legal. Laws pertaining to tire clearance of the wheel well do not specifically exist other than the tire is required to turn freely. Tire width laws do exist in most states as the tire cannot extend past the body of the car. Kentucky and a couple other states are...
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    a prayer for my daughter tonight would be appreciated

    Wow so glad she is ok. Thank God. Thanks sent and prayer.
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    Could be coming
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    Black powder coated gen 3 intake

    What are you asking?
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    My new 3 piece iforged wheels

    Looks awesome. Especially with that color.
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    2006 Coupe Blk/Blk possible odometer fraud

    Agree with this. Shouldn't be hard to tell the difference.

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