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    Charger Hellcat too

    Good point Rick……..Hook'em!
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    The Eagle has landed

    Your color combo looks stunning!! Did you get the polished wheels? If so, those are the first ones I've seen.........They look great. Congrats on your new Viper!
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    First Gen V vs Gen V race?

    Some of you guys are being a little hard on Bernie. If he has a new Viper for sale that was used for demo/marketing purposes and a prospective buyer is interested in that particular car, Bernie will voluntarily inform the prospective buyer where the miles came from and how is was driven during...
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    Car #001 Hedaed To Oklahoma

    Looking good Bernie..........Glad to see the new Vipers arriving!!!
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    Automatic Viper?

    Could not agree more!!
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    Venom Polished with Hyper Black Painted Pockets vs Hyper Black

    Hey Slithr - Thanks for asking and's doing much better! Have been doing physical therapy exercise regiments twice a day, 5 days a week for the past 20 months.
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    Used market flood

    Maybe he is thinking about the old CLS body style. I bought a 2013 CLS63 for my DD and I love it!!! The new body style gets many positive comments.
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    Venom Polished with Hyper Black Painted Pockets vs Hyper Black

    I've been wondering the exact same thing! Wish I could see the two wheels in person.
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    Anybody see new car and driver with picture of new viper???

    Also got my C&D today.......No way is that the new Viper!! Not even close to the Sneak Peak Image.
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    2010 Dodge Viper Stolen Need Help From Viper Community World Wide

    Good news on finding the car and hopefully the damage is minimal. Very sorry to hear about this!!!
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    [PICS] Pics of My New Carbon Straight 5 360's [PICS]

    Love the new look Andy!! Can't wait for the next C&C to see them up close and personal. Congrats!!!
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    4 vipers...4 different sounds video

    Nice job guys. Your Vipers look and sound awesome!!
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    Vipers looking for revenge at The Ring Today!!!

    Welcome back guys. Congrats again to you and the SRT Team on this stunning achievement!! Makes me proud to be a customer of Tomball Dodge!!!!
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    Vipers looking for revenge at The Ring Today!!!

    Absolutely awesome result for the 2010 Viper ACR!!! Congrats and major kudos to Ben Keating, Bernie Katz and everyone else that was involved in this incredible milestone!!!!!
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    Need your opinions.

    I agree with Rob 100%!! The F Car wheels look awesome!!
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    Bernie Katz/ BJ Motors---Way Above and Beyond

    I purchased my previous Viper from Bernie, so your story does not surprise me at all. He is extremely helpful, very knowledgeable and a real pleasure to deal with!! Congrats on your new Viper!
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    Thanks guys............I'll definitely be back in a Viper again. Even a bad spinal cord won't be able to keep me away from the new Gen V!!
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    Just wanted to let you guys know that I sold my Viper to Bernie at Tomball Dodge. I have had spinal cord issues for many years which is why I decided to sell. After 30 minutes of driving, my lower back and left leg were in quite a bit of pain for a couple of days. I tried various driving...
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    [PIC]This Guy is the MAN![PIC]

    Hey Andy - Really wish I could have made the cruise. Had to have been hilarious seeing you standing on the side of the road holding up that sign!!!
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    Help finding 2010 ACRs

    Glad to hear you decided to buy a Viper. You will not be disappointed!! About the closest combo I can find on your list is a 2010 Graphite w/Black Center Band and Red Driver's Stripe ACR at a Dodge Dealer in Omaha. Not sure what they will sell it for, but the MSRP is $110,285. I would suggest...
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    July C&C

    Wish I could have joined you guys, but I woke up this morning with a sore lower back. Will try to make the next one! David
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    July C&C

    Haven't made it out to the Vintage Park venue yet. Will try to make it.
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    Very Viper Orange (VVO) paint surcharge

    Couldn't have said it better myself!!
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    How many miles should a brand new Viper have?

    Most reputable Viper dealers do not allow demo drives and they definitely don't drive them 6-10 miles to check them out. If a dealer has a new Viper in stock that has over 8-10 miles on it, I'm pretty sure somebody has been taking the car on a demo drive.

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