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    1996 RT/10 Parasitic Drain

    My threshold is also low and I have already resigned myself to buying a new battery. Thanks for your help.
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    1996 RT/10 Parasitic Drain

    The battery is an EverstartMaxx from Walmart. At 11 PM last night the multimeter read 12.8. The battery load test read the same. Low end of Good. I plugged the tender back in and this AM the multimeter read 13.4. No change in the load tester. I don't know if that tells me anything. Here's one...
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    1996 RT/10 Parasitic Drain

    I test my tenders periodically to make sure they are producing current. The tender I use for the Viper relatively new and has a cigarette lighter plug. I was looking at solar powered tenders that I can plug in to the cigarette lighter opening when I park the car someplace. No lack of sunshine...
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    1996 RT/10 Parasitic Drain

    The only add on I can see is the Pioneer stereo. I don't listen to radio when I drive so the face plate stays in the glove box and I removed the amps to make more room in the trunk. Yes, I do have the 1996 RT/10 service manual. I bought the car in 2014 and don't recall any issues the first 4...
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    1996 RT/10 Parasitic Drain

    Just out of curiosity, why can't that test be performed under the hood at the jump start posts or through the powered cigarette lighter hole (where my float charger is currently plugged in)?
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    1996 RT/10 Parasitic Drain

    Battery is in a compartment behind the left rear wheel. Very much a pain to get to it. Is thre somewhere to hook up multimeter without having to access the battery?
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    Selling Cheap GTS

    What did you pay for it?
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    Hard top Question

    Here's a guy that uses a lifting contraption. After the cost and effort of installation that contraption, it takes a good five minutes to take it off the car. I don't even want to think about what it takes to get it back on. Not for me, thanks. I...
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    77 Vipers

    If it looks like a collection, it's a collection. I wouldn't mind owning the building.
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    Value of Salvage / Rebuilt GTS?

    You either missed the question or avoided it for some reason. What's the asking price of the car?
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    Viper models

    I have a black RT/10 that's 8" long and looks just like my car, except for the wheels. I paid about $8 for it including shipping. I think I'll quit before I fall victim to the addiction.
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    Viper models

    I'd seen other brands but wasn't familiar with Anson. There are several Anson Vipers on eBay: As well as the Concept Car...
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    Viper models

    Those are also on Amazon and eBay, often with lower prices. Looks like 1:18 is the largest in diecast. I haven't come across any larger models other than the RC at Toys R Us.
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    Viper models

    Toys R Us: Radio controlled. Not die-cast. Have you exhausted eBay, Amazon and google before asking here?
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    Show us your garage!

    I hope you have earthquake insurance.
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    'Best practice' for trickle charger hook ups

    Check out the following thread about battery tenders, specifically scroll down to Damn Yankee's guide. The battery tenders described are available from Harbor Freight. I've been using them for years...
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    Look for a 1996 RT/10 Factory Hard Top

    Do not lose those soft top clamp pegs. They are an odd sized thread and diameter and not cheap. The bolts that hold the pad can be replaced with hex head bolts that are easier to take out with an end wrench.
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    What would it take to replace your Gen II.

    I took my 96 RT/10 to a car show last month. There was an empty spot right next to a mint 63 Thunderbird Convertible. I waited for the owner to come back. When he showed up I offered to swap him even up. So I guess that answers the question. Anyway, he declined, needed cash, so I still have...
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    VPA discount schedule.

    JonB, I understand your concern and sympathize but you recently quoted me $150 shipping on a $488 spoiler. I was able to order it elsewhere for $495 and $45 shipping. So, yeah, sometimes money IS more important than loyalty even though I do appreciate all you do for Viper owners. I agree that...
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    Looking for wheels and tires, 94

    My 96 RT/10 has the 18/19 wheels from an 04. They look great. I'm planning to do them in black, too. Two suggestions: 1 - Try Plasti-Dip first instead of powder coating. It's durable and you can easily remove it if you don't like it or want to change the color. 2 - Check the date codes if you...
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    Looking for a used spoiler for my 96 RT/10.

    Anybody have a used Autoform spoiler that they wouldn't mind parting with? PM me. Thanks.
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    VIN check for Viper I may buy

    Appears that I misinterpreted the ads as Taylormade sent me a PM with the following information: "You gave some good advice, but you were wrong about my car "not getting sold at my asking price of $32,000". I had a reserve on the auction that wasn't met. Ive been offered $32 about 3 times...
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    What would be a good asking price?

    Google Dodge Vipers For Sale New York and check your competition for prices and features. That should tell you what ball park to be in. I looked. Be prepared to not like what you see.
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    Build thread for my accident repair.

    Because they don't want you to know what really happened. I can't tell you how many ads I see for cars with salvage or rebuilt titles where the ad describes the damage as minor and then the seller can't or won't provide documentation. I spent 35 years in the insurance business. A salvage or...
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    VIN check for Viper I may buy

    When you google that VIN you find that the seller has numerous ads, one of which is apparently on an auction site dated 10/29/14 where there were three bids that did not reach the asking price of $32,100...

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