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    The dreaded gas mileage question!

    I would routinely get 22-23 mpg on highway at cruise speed in my '10 ACR, even with the aero producing drag and no cruise control. I know that more aggressive gearing in the new Gen Vs though will definitely have an effect on cruise RPMs and fuel consumption (as well as, as pointed out...
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    Purchasing a 2008 ACR

    Should have: Wrench for adjustable shocks Car cover with duffel bag Front splitter extension Although any of those things can be purchased aftermarket if not included.
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    MY TA has arrived---Questions

    Didn't I read someone's review of their Gen V recently on here where they talked about how after the 500-mile break in period, the beast really came alive? Throttle response was among those (as well as the suspension and even the seats became more comfy). Congrats on the TA.
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    TA Trackday

    Thanks for the writeup. I've done my previous '10 ACR on HPDE lap days but looking forward to acquiring a TA and seeing how they compare.
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    Rare Viper to be Crushed

    They had donated them and written them off. They can't take them back or else the IRS will get after them.
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    Cars fall into sinkhole at National Corvette Museum

    What I posted on another forum (Native Kentuckian living in Lexington, about an hour or so east of the Corvette Museum) Kentucky is full of caves, even rumored that the Mammoth Cave system in western Kentucky (where this happened) is connected to the Carter Cave system in the eastern side. I...
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    Pics of your toys together

    From a photo contest they did some time ago. Had to show the web site in the picture. 08 Challenger, 07 Charger, 10 Viper ACR Roadster. (yes, I had a pad underneath the laptop on the hood)
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    2010 Woodhouse special ACR convertible - only 20 made - how much should I pay for it?

    Re: 2010 Woodhouse special ACR convertible - only 20 made - how much should I pay for Jersey Jeff, you got it yet? Post pics!
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    Esquire Magazine

    Thanks, and they've actually had several blurbs about the Gen V over the past year or so. They've always praised it. The article that led to my letter was an anomaly, I'm sure.
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    Esquire Magazine

    So not exactly my car in a magazine, but I did inspire Esquire to do a segment on car rivalries. My letter to their editor: Their reply in this month's Esquire: If you can't read it, it says the following: (and yes, I don't currently own a Viper but I still consider myself an...
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    $34,380 off MSRP Loaded GTS!

    $100 discount per mile on the odometer, sounds like a deal to me!
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    2010 Woodhouse special ACR convertible - only 20 made - how much should I pay for it?

    Re: 2010 Woodhouse special ACR convertible - only 20 made - how much should I pay for I had #13 of the 20, red/black that I sold to a determined Canadian buyer. I had it for 2 years and put 10k miles on it. Feel free to PM me for the details.
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    This FINALLY happened yesterday!

    Is that one of the 200 '08 Magnum SRT-8s with the stock hood scoop? That was the only year they did those, always loved them.
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    Anything new with the 14 Viper?

    Didn't I read somewhere that there's a new "Rain Mode" for the traction control also?
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    2010 production #'s...Again

    I can't quite tell from that picture, but it doesn't look like those breakdowns include the 20 ACR verts, nor the special edition paint jobs from the other two big dealers.
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    HBO'S East Bound And Down

    They always use verts in TV and movies too. Makes it much easier to see the actors. I think it's great. Viper definitely matches Kenny F'n Powers' attitude.
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    Side by Side Photos - Gen 5 & C7

    Nice comparo, thanks for sharing.
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    Who has removed sun visors?

    Took off my visors very early on. 2 screws, I think with Torx heads if I recall. Stored them in the garage and put them back on when I sold it. Driving around I just wore a ballcap and glasses. Every time.
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    Take my viper off my hands for $35,000

    I can vouch for dcreech0 and his black Gen3. I've met him a couple of times and he's got a thing for nice toys. It's a great car, and I'd be glad to take it off his hands if I weren't in the middle of my own car-stuff and trying to free up a garage space.
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    Black GTS w/Red stripes and Yellow wheels... Yes?... No?...

    VW makes something like that, called a Harlequin edition. It's supposed to demonstrate how many years of parts are interchangeable.
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    Dealer reconnaissance today

    I had a dealer offer me a '13 for $1000 over invoice about a month ago. It's still sitting on his showroom floor. Hoping for some movement from SRT towards getting these sold. I keep inching closer and closer, and a rebate or good financing would definitely push me over the edge.
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    So the Viper isn't one of the 5 Most american cars???

    Yep, 6.1 Hemis were made in Mexico and the cars assembled in Brampton, Ontario. Designed in the USA, but more "North American" cars.
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    2006 Viper Coupe First Edition FS #133

    GLWS. You didn't happen to get yours from Taco in Ashland, did you?
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    Viper production slowed by one third due to sluggish sales

    Gen V 'Ring Run? Sub-7.20 should get peoples' attention.
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    Beyond The 2014 Viper?

    Re-reading it again, it's nothing short of insulting to current, former, and future Viper owners. Seriously. Slamming the couple with the 65 Vipers unnecessarily? Praising European styling and power over American? Ditching the V-10 for a V-8? Insinuating the Ralph Gilles is all personality...

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