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    New Member

    WELCOME... Looking forward to having you at our events!!!!
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    Tail of the Dragon 2013 and Other AL/TN Events

    Great picture...... Ive upgraded since then from that slow red viper to a super fast yellow viper!!!!:lmao:
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    Tail of the Dragon 2013 and Other AL/TN Events

    Now thats funny!!!!
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    Tail of the Dragon 2013 and Other AL/TN Events

    Classic!!! LOL. Look forward to seeing you this year. Are you bringing your dad again?
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    Tail of the Dragon 2013 and Other AL/TN Events

    Thanks Mike, It will have the viper club of america logo.
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    Tail of the Dragon 2013 and Other AL/TN Events

    Here is the design that is on back of the T-shirt for the Tail of the Dragon. Short sleeved T-shirts will be the only shirt available (sorry!!). The price will be $25.00 per T-shirt. I will have a few extra, but to make sure you get one in your size, please pre order. I can be contacted at...
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    Georgia VCA Kicks off 2013 Viper season at Alfredo’s Italian Restaurant

    Good food, good time and great VIPER FRIENDS!!! The Georgia Viper Club is going to have a great year!!!!
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    GA Region Viper news

    Fellow Viper Members:The year 2012 is a great year for our Georgia Region and 2013 is going to be even better. Viper Magazine has done terrific job of covering our Club activities and in particular with the Sep/Oct 2012 Issue’s Region News highlighting the trophies awarded to our members. Be...
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    Official 2012 Tail of the Dragon Thread

    For some reason, it makes your point of view come across better when the pizza box is thrown to the ground........:headbang::D LOLLLLLLLL
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    Official 2012 Tail of the Dragon Thread

    I'm pacing myself..........LOL :drive::)
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    Al/Tn (Ga) mountain trip pictures

    Here are a few more pics from a fun weekend!
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    Hard Top

    I wish it was a GEN 1 hard top........I'm still looking for one.
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    Looking For 1996 Hardtop

    Chad, Good to here from you, I hope everything has been going well? I bought a 1996 Mcviper, just like yours. :D :headbang: The only thing it is missing is a hardtop. Do you have any ideas on where to find one??? Thanks Warren
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    Looking For 1996 Hardtop

    Viper96rt10 & trick, Thanks for responding, I just sent both of you a pm!!
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    Looking For 1996 Hardtop

    I have a 1996 RT/10, and I am looking for a OEM hardtop. If anyone in the viper community knows or has one, please email me. THANKS!!!! Warren:drive:
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    Dash light ???

    I have a 96 RT/10 and wanting to replace the instrument lights with a brighter light (possibly LED if available) that would illuminated the dash more than stock lights. Are there any choices out there besides stock lights??
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    Tom Sessions

    Thanks Bugeater!!
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    Tom Sessions

    What Happen?
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    Fuel Pump Module $625.00!!!

    Any time!!! Good Luck!!!
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    Fuel Pump Module $625.00!!!

    Troy, you have a PM coming to you. Good luck!!!
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    Paint Color - Trunk on Gen 1 ???

    When I changed out my fuel pump, I went back an painted my entire trunk with flat black. Not sure if that is the exact color or not, but if looks good.
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    Not only is it Groundhog Day, but.....

    Happy Birthday Chuck!!!!!
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    Wizard da man again!

    I agree!!!!!!!!!!!! Chuck helped me out with changing a fuel pump. I called him several times during the process with questions. He was always willing help. I can't say enough good things about him. Chuck! you are the man!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS!!!!!!!!! :headbang: :2tu:
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    1996 white/blue stripes ??

    I have a 1996 White with Blue stripes. I am not a 100% sure, but I think the last three digits in the vin is the number you are looking for. My RT is number 22.

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