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    WANTED - ACRX Original parts

    I believe when an ACR X crashed at Road America the car was purchased by Don Scharf Automotive. I think they were advertising the engine from it a while back.
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    Black or Red

    I have a set of the unpainted polished aluminum also. Use them on the track mostly.
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    PROJECT: "HARDCORE ACR-700R" Has Begun

    You should have been at MAM. Completed 412 miles on track at last weekend. 10 Cars on Saturday. 6 cars on Sunday. Perfect weather, unlimited track time. Quality of drag racing cars Saturday night was exceptional. New track record set by 1800 HP tube framed all carbon fiber 66 Pontiac...
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    How many miles till empty

    Two Gallons, have validated many times.
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    Black or Red

    On the street it is interesting to see the reaction when they realize there is different colored rims on each side. I have Hoosiers mounted on polished rims.
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    Black or Red

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    wanted: used rear sport cup

    I need two fronts. If you can not find a rear I could be interested in the fronts if you want to clear them out.
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    Need Pilot Sport Cups 295/30/18

    Need 2 Sport Cups 295/30/18 for ACR
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    Need Hoosier 1 345/30/19 R6

    Need 1 345/30/19 Hoosier R6
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    SRT Flag in the mail

    Bought an 08 and 09. Still nothing in the mail.
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    Ad placed for Hoosier A6 tires

    Viperless loaned me a set of 315s after I corded my 295s. I thought they worked better that day then the 295s. He then told me about a site that sells them used. I ordered a set and have done a couple of track days on them with more left in them. The condition of the used tires was better then...
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    ACR black wheels

    Do the deal
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    Question on cleaning 3M clear guard

    I have used the same kits used to clean headlight lens on my clear bra. Can not remember the brand of the clean bra.
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    My New Viper... Now I Have to Figure Out How To Get It???

    I see that every time I drive by on way to Road America. Always in a hurry going there and late Sunday coming home so have not talked to anybody about it.
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    After track day cleanup

    Used blue tape. Repaired after each session. Did not always stay on.
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    After track day cleanup

    How do you remove tire smears from your car. The first layer comes off easy but what is left is a "shadow". I have tried wax, cleaner wax, bug and tar remover, brake cleaner, gas and clay bar and nothing will take the shadow off. The smears are especially noticeable on a white car.
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    A short story on my viper experiences.

    My first Viper was a venom red 2008 SRT 10 that was enhanced with Belanger headers and cats, Corsa exhaust, 3.55 gears, MGW shifter, MGW shift knob and a Mopar PCM. I greatly enjoyed this exciting vehicle for two and one-half years and couldn’t imagine being happier or more satisfied with a...
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    Gen 4 FULL Belanger set up. Opinions?

    Had Belanger headers, high flow Cats, Corsa exhaust, PCM and 3.55 gears istalled 2 years ago on 08. NO problems, nice mean sound.
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    Direct Lift & Rotary Revolution Lift

    I have a Stinger 4 post model that I have used for 14 years with no problems. It will lift a 3/4 ton, 4 wheel drive, crew cab diesel.
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    2nd Annual Woodhouse Track Experience!!

    I was a great experience. I was lucky enought to have Bill ride along for the first day, giving me track tips. The second day I rode with Bill in his ACR as he chased an ACR-X.
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    Side Sill Stone Guards

    I also just installed mine. Fit and installation was easy. Will find out how they work tomorrow when I take the car out for the first time this year.
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    Feedback - Belangers and PCM

    This was posted early this spring. Now have about 6000 miles on car. Still just grin when I hit the start button. I have had no problems. Drove my 08 coupe with 800 miles on it 400 miles to Woodhouse. 22.5 MPG on the way down mostly cruising at 80 MPH in 6th (1500 RPM). Had Belanger...
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    Crazy Colorado Track Guys/Gals !!!

    Signed up and ready for fun
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    Debadging the viper

    A little cutting and pasting on the side of mine

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