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  1. J

    Gen V price

    Where did you buy from?
  2. J

    HRE 540R's... What are they worth?

    That size $1500 to $1800.
  3. J

    Vipair Coilovers INSTALLED

    I've tried both spring rates, first I had the 450/650 now I have the 500/800 and it is night and day difference!!! I would recommend the 500/800 combo for 99% of the people. The 450/650 were just to bouncy for me no matter what settings I tried. But if anybody would like I will sell my...
  4. J


    IPS in columbus has a tuner who knows the vec...
  5. J

    5 sets of Big BRake Kits Available

    Are all gen 3,4 calipers the same front and rear?
  6. J

    New coilovers hitting the streets

    Steve I've been putting this off for some time trying to get a set of kw's at a good price but for how I drive (meow) I just think these would do fine. So if you got a set of the lowered ride height coilovers ready I'll take a set...
  7. J

    Yellow Venzano Interior Rocks!

    I was going to hate on you but it looks very good!
  8. J

    Biggest rims on a gen2......

    They will fit but don't do it! If there the ones that were on eBay a week or so ago there fugly...
  9. J

    FS: HRE 895R Matte/Gloss Black

    Best setup I've seen in a long time!!!
  10. J

    Largest wheel size for Gen 2 RT?

    So i just noticed the center cap its a forgiato wheel correct? They make some good looking wheels just pick something else... By the way when I went to the sema show there was a ton of cars with forgiato wheels.
  11. J

    Largest wheel size for Gen 2 RT?

    If you go with that be prepared to be made fun of!!! Wheel belongs on a lowrider...
  12. J

    [pics] Viper shoot today with Audrey

    She looks washed out to me, never liked redheads... But I'd still hit it!
  13. J

    Heffner Twin Turbo 02 F.E In Classifieds

    Take a roe car and cash on trade?
  14. J

    Any Appetite For Heffner Twin Turbo?

    I also tried to buy this car off heath's toys, what an *******...
  15. J

    [pics] Viper shoot today with Audrey

    Car is hot chic is not...
  16. J

    Any Appetite For Heffner Twin Turbo?

    How long you had it?
  17. J

    I may have outdone myself! GTSR CONVERTIBLE!!!

    Put a some color on it and delete the side door glass...
  18. J

    Heffner Stage 3 Twin Turbo Pics

    This car was at Heath's toys in florida correct?
  19. J

    my new snake tattoo:)

    Worst tat of all time.
  20. J

    British Racing Green GEN V on ADV's...

    Worst unveil color ever picked period...
  21. J

    Are Eibach springs really that bad?

    Ive had eibach's on a half dozen cars and all with no problems except my GTS. Very bouncy, far more than stock. Im holding out for the coilovers that a few member's here are working on in the $1500 range. If they don't come through soon I'll bite the bullet and get KW's...

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