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  1. Snake3yez

    Any Dodge dealers sell discount? Need OEM O2's.

    I replaced all 4 of mine with the Densos OE - Replacement. I have the Paxton kit, Full exhaust + headers, no cats, and built short block on my car. What I liked about these (Recommended by several threads) is that they offer many more openings for better readings, vs like 2 openings on the OEM...
  2. Snake3yez

    New Gen III Owner!

    Congrats and welcome to the club! I remember seeing this car on eBay when I was looking for a Paxton GEN3 myself. I ended up with the one in the picture. Love the red and black roof on yours.
  3. Snake3yez

    My '04 SRT is going up for sale after a decade of ownership

    Thank you for sharing the story about your dad, and I completely understand your hesitation to sell it. There's nothing more your dad would want than for you to take care of his grandchildren and your son, so this is the right call, even if it means selling such a special car. Good luck with...
  4. Snake3yez

    2004 Paxton Supercharged Viper Overheating

    Turn the car on and see if any of the water/cooling hoses are collapsing or compressing (see video below), that could be a sign of clogged radiator, stuck thermostat, or bad radiator cap. I would begin with a nice radiator flush, I found with my own 2006 for example, even though it only had...
  5. Snake3yez

    Owned my Viper for a few the lights won't shut off

    Pull the fuse or disconnect the battery to save it from dying if you need to, and also inspect it. Could be corrosion on the stalk itself, the light relays, or a contact point somewhere in between. I've only seen a slightly similar problem with the GENIII map lights on the mirror, and its...
  6. Snake3yez

    Android Double DIN Stereo Upgrade - Installation Instructions

    I've asked you on the other forums about the vents lol. Thanks for sharing. Love the vents! You should make these and sell them, I'd happily buy them from you lol. Can you share what year Audi the vents came from? looks like an early model TT?
  7. Snake3yez

    2006 First Edition, Who Has One?

    I'm the new owner of #14 of 200 (0339 vin). The car is now living Atlanta, Georgia. Still has the Paxton kit that the previous owner installed, Moton club sport suspension, some new goodies like a new Alpine Halo9 head unit that I had installed by Monster Customs with a reverse camera. I...
  8. Snake3yez

    planning on buying 2006 blue coupe - what to check for.

    As a fairly new owner of a blue 06 Paxton-charged car myself. I've learned many valuable lessons quickly. 1. Check the obvious for dummy lights being on, and also have emissions done before you buy the car. Many sellers and dealers reset the lights and it takes 50-100 plus miles for them to...

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