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    LED Replacement Lighting Thread

    I am looking to do the same with 6000k, and looking into the phillips ultinons. Did you use the stock ballasts?
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    Questions RE Spring Improvements on Gen III

    anyone? best spot to get rotors, pads and a battery?
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    Questions RE Spring Improvements on Gen III

    So, in hopes of some decent weather in the not-so-distant future, I have begun some spring detailing and maintenance on my 2004 mamba. I am hoping some of the more knowledgable members can help me out with a few problems I have run into.... First off, like many of you, I need to replace my...
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    LED Replacement Lighting Thread

    Viper specialty offers them, but I'm not trying to buy the whole package or buy different LEDs than the ones I have already ordered
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    LED Replacement Lighting Thread

    has anyone figured out what size the window switch and mirror control LEDs are?
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    LED Replacement Lighting Thread

    I meant to send you a PM, but you now have a visitor message lol
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    LED Replacement Lighting Thread

    So... not that it matters immediately because the V3 switchbacks are backordered (again) but, it looks like the available wiring options have changed once more. Anyone have any clue if it is better to go with the single filament base adapter w/ parking light wire, or simply just the 6''...
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    CD changer ate my CDs

    its probably going to die soon... same thing happened to me and eventually the cd changer was unable to cycle at all. there are so many cheap options for significantly better than stock alternatives, I would take advantage of the opportunity
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    can you heal and toe in your viper with street shoes?

    This may make me sound like an idiot but I had to share... I had the same problem and during the warmer months of the year I am usually wearing sandals or boat shoes than can easily slip off while driving, so I opted to go barefoot- I felt like I was in much more control driving barefoot, even...
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    Pics of your viper with your daily driver

    Just picked this up- 2006 Audi A6 3.2, fully loaded with low mileage... got it at a steal. Problem is that I had the amp replaced and the sound system is acting faulty. Seems to be a typical problem, hope I can figure it out!
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    Picked up my first Viper

    Also if you are in CT, being from MA some words of advice- 1. Even if you have prior experience with cars of similar HP/torque - watch out on the roads... Roads in the Northeast are terrible and the tires, especially if stock, have a tendency to pull you with the slope of the road far more than...
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    Have you ever seen one of these before?

    Im not sure what the rules are for posting links to the bay, but this is not for a sales purpose. I was doing some...
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    03 SRT10 Convertible Rattle

    Check the seal between the glass and the roof... if you only hear it when the top is up there is a possibility the wind is coming in and moving something around... this was my case.
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    Gen 3 HID Fog Question

    The fog lights are not HID, so you would have to put in a whole ballast, wiring etc. A lot of people have gone this route: It seems to be pretty effective. As for the color though, the stock color does not seem to be something that...
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    Rumors...what's the dealio?

    My decision to not pay a membership fee was a calculated one that I stand behind. How am I supposed to get a solid ROI on a membership fee when: 1. I drive my Viper only a few months of the year, and therefore am limited to which regional events I can attend- this # is further restricted by...
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    Is The SRT Viper Not A Great Driver's Car?

    Did any of the journalists actually define what they meant by "drivers car" or even stipulate some sort of quantifiable attributes or behaviors (aside from the standard numerics) that they would be using in their evaluations?
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    Alpine radio replacement

    I felt the same way about cutting the dash, but I wanted to take advantage of when my stock radio went. Look into the Pioneer AVIC N4 or N5.
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    Having a custom steering wheel built, need advise

    So... let me get this straight as the DCT webpage is not very clear on the core charge. They want $1850 for the entire job, and there is no reimbursement for core exchange?
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    LED Replacement Lighting Thread

    So.... the v3 Switchbacks are on backorder ( Any idea what the difference between the 3517 3516 and 3517CK models are?
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    LED lights added to headlight assembly

    There is already a kit out for the halos, but I think this is a case-by-case kinda thing... Retrofitting something into the fogs or changing out the bulb/ballast setup for a different look is a lot less dramatic than putting in an LED strip or something in a Viper headlamp. That being said, I'm...
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    Best low break dust pads/rotors?

    Not that I need to change out any parts yet, but I am getting really irritated at the amount of dust that my brakes produce. Even after a short drive with minimal brake use, all of my wheels and the lower portions of my Viper need to be cleaned significantly! My vette had the same problem...
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    Highly illegal. Laser jammers, however, are not - but that also depends on what state you are in. I believe some states do not even allow the use of radar detectors. I have never seen a radar jammer for sale that actually worked (I think there was one brand called "rocky mountain" that made a...
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    LED Replacement Lighting Thread

    Got it all, everything is finally done, although I have some extra screws that I could not find a home for when reinstalling the parts :) It looks great! Thanks for the advice and help ohlarikd, as soon as those V3 switchbacks are available to order I am going to go about that next- in the...
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    LED Replacement Lighting Thread

    yeah I got it, the housings of the HVAC leds from superbright were rubber so they were tough to screw into place... the little nib that holds them in place was too large and I filed it down on each one to get them back into place. Everything works great now! now I just need to get this thing...
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    LED Replacement Lighting Thread

    got them all on superbright LEDS.. the rubber surround I am referring to was on the viper, it houses the socket for the bulb and is white... time for round 2

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