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    Black Friday to Cyber Monday Sale, including Belanger Exhaust

    Hi Everyone, We have a sale going on that features several of our most popular items, including Belanger Exhaust. You can check it out at The sale runs through Monday, December 1st with the Belanger discounts lasting until...
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    SCT X3 Programmer information and review

    Hi Everyone, We’ve had some time to work with the new SCT X3 Programmer for Chrysler / Dodge / Jeep / SRT vehicles and can now provide you more information about them. The new box, part #3200, is compatible with vehicles through the 2013 model year and while the Gen4 / Gen5 Vipers are included...
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    Belanger Sale

    This sale extends through November 30th, 2013 :-)
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    Belanger Sale

    Hi Everyone, We have special pricing for the next couple weeks from Belanger on most of their exhaust systems. It's a good opportunity to take advantage of savings if you've been considering a Belanger exhaust upgrade. Sean
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    24 Hour sale on Corsa Cat-Back exhaust for 2003-2010

    Re: 48 Hour sale on Corsa Cat-Back exhaust for 2003-2010 I've got you taken care of Fred and emailed you earlier this morning. You're getting refunded the difference for the new price and new shipping amount I'm about to state below. Ok, we're getting a little more help here as the...
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    24 Hour sale on Corsa Cat-Back exhaust for 2003-2010

    I agree about the standard Corsa price. It's an extremely well made system (the best for eliminating cruise drone), but not inexpensive. Our regular Gen 3 price is in line with Summit and Jeg's at $1,535. The rep from Corsa contacted us with a short term break on the Gen3 only that we're...
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    24 Hour sale on Corsa Cat-Back exhaust for 2003-2010

    Hi everyone, Corsa has extended to us a very short term sale price on their 2003 to 2010 Viper SRT-10 cat-back system. If you've been considering the 2.5" or 3" inlet system, act fast for savings. Our sale price is $1,441.91 and only good through mid Thursday the 26th...
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    Happy Thanksgiving / Black Friday Sale

    You're welcome and I'm glad you're happy with the deal :-) Enjoy the new exhaust! :-)
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    Happy Thanksgiving / Black Friday Sale

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! To help add a little cheer, we're running a Black Friday through Cyber Monday sale. Everything in the store is 5% off and you still get the full 5% reward points on any purchase made. Have a great day and weekend...
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    Survey - TVS blower for SRT-10 Vipers

    Hadn't been on the forums in a long time.... The guys at Magnuson, Jerry, Terry, etc, are great, but the Eaton 2300 is too small on the Gen3 and you can't do much to get enough pulley wrap. Tried it years ago. Takes a bigger compressor to feed the Gen 3 engine. An effective positive displacement...
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    For all you Roe Racing guys ......

    I'm glad you guys like the shirts :) Yes, we'll have a supply at VOI in black, dark grey, ash grey and white.
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    Black Friday / Cyber Monday Weekend Sale

    Hi Everyone, We're having a Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale. All online orders placed Friday the 25th through Monday the 28th are 5% off and earn 5% in Roe Rewards Points. Discount code BFCM11 automatically applies at checkout. Have a great weekend!
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    Check out Sean Roe and The America Adventure "Cruising for the Kids"

    Hi Everyone, I'm very proud to say that team Roe Racing won the 2011 Autoweek America Adventure presented by Mopar!!!!! We had some stiff competition from the likes of Graham Rahal, Tommy Kendall, other talented drivers and experienced rally teams, but points were totalled for all days and we...
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    Check out Sean Roe and The America Adventure "Cruising for the Kids"

    Thank you Jay and thank everyone who came through and supported the cause. We were able to raise the most for the charity, $2,875. The rally starts tomorrow morning. We'll have to use the internet and friends to help solve clues to indicate where we're going!
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    Check out Sean Roe and The America Adventure "Cruising for the Kids"

    Hi Everyone, If you donated to or joined the charity cause we’re raising money for in the last 5 days (since October 19th), please send me an email or PM confirmation that you have. There’s been a problem with the Causes website and your support isn’t showing up under our team. We have to...
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    Check out Sean Roe and The America Adventure "Cruising for the Kids"

    A big THANK YOU goes out to Chris Marshall for making his donation to the event’s charity on the behalf of Viper Parts of America! In addition, thank you for providing the VCA logo artwork. The Dodge truck will be going to the graphics shop Monday morning, the club logos will prominently...
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    Check out Sean Roe and The America Adventure "Cruising for the Kids"

    Thanks guys. The event should be pretty interesting. Its combination of a Time/ Speed / Distance Rally, the One Lap of America, and the Amazing Race all wrapped up into one. It’s going to be covered by Autoweek for their magazine and television show, by Mopar with a social media team entered...
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    Roe Racing Has A New Dyno

    As many of you know, I’ve been single for a couple years now. Making Vipers faster and taking care of customers isn’t the only thing I’ve been working on. Damn freudian slip…haha
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    Roe Blower? Sean?

    Hi Everyone, It’s taken a while to receive, but the new Eaton / Magnuson TVS Supercharger arrived yesterday. It’s basically a Corvette ZR1 Supercharger without an intake manifold assembly. I can’t stop other orders and projects to start fitting it today (we have a car build, an engine build, a...
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    Running rich at hwy speeds

    During idle and cruise conditions, your stock PCM is in adaptive mode (closed loop) and adjusting the AF by changing the injector pulse time. If the upstream sensor voltage is lower than it should be, the PCM adds fuel to get the voltage up. If the sensors are older (more than about 3 years) or...
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    New H-Beam Forged Rods for 2003+ coming on line

    The two sets I had on the shelf are now spoken for. The rest of the sets will be coming in week after next. Once they're here, I'll let everyone know. I'm glad to have been able to put this together. This should save quite a bit of money on engine builds. Best regards, Sean
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    New H-Beam Forged Rods for 2003+ coming on line

    "Nice going Sean. :2tu:I think a bunch of the Viper Truck guys at would probably be interested in this as well.;) Not sure if you have posted it up yet over there." I was off all forums from about mid September until just about a week ago. So far, I've only been able to get back onto...
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    $$$ Control Arm Bushing Replacement $$$

    To my knowledge, that's what they want to install on a car at their facility next. I offered to take the prototypes off my car and put on the newest production parts, but they want to do it hands on. If anybody needs the contact name there, let me know. Regards, Sean
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    New H-Beam Forged Rods for 2003+ coming on line

    Hi Everyone, I haven’t finished writing up all the information on the complete rotating package. The first package will be for the 2003-2006 engines since it’s what we’ve done so far. I have to get some additional specifications for the Gen 4 pistons before we can get a price on them. They...
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    gauge pod

    No problem. Sorry you were misinformed by one of my staff. I'm glad you got one anyway :-)