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    4 Quarts Tranny Oil and Four Filters

    I have 4 qts of tranny oil and four filters for 1992 - 2006 Vipers. Pay the shipping cost and you can have them.
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    VCA Forums Transition

    Thanks for your help with my issue. I am more than happy. Mark
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    viper prices

    Non member sale ref Guess my 97 GTS in the classifieds at $39,900.00 is priced a bit low huh?
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    Spare Key for RT/10

    They are all right. No chip and no damn fob.
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    Keeping the back of the GTS clean

    Blow it off with an air compressor and then use a good amount of detail spray and wipe with a microfiber towel.
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    Selling My 1997 Blue and White GTS

    Sorry, first car I've tried to sell here.
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    Selling My 1997 Blue and White GTS

    Just put my baby in the classifieds. Kind of a crappy day. Getting too old and messed up to get in and out of it without major trauma. Been well taken care off. No nanny controls. AC doesn't work but have the part, just haven't installed it yet. Perfect condition. Thanks.
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    Best Battery For A GTS

    I contacted John at The Parts Rack for some good advice. Thanks for your answer AZTVR. It's been real.
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    Best Battery For A GTS

    Ummmmmmmmmmm, ok..............what's wrong with a used one? :)
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    Best Battery For A GTS

    Sorry, I should have searched more but I just had oral surgery and It f'n to lay down and sleep. What Is the best battery for my 97 GTS? Getting It ready to sell and the battery Is toast. TIA
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    Bought a Vette

    Man, that comes with age as well. Body feels my age and maybe a little more, (walked 24 miles over 4 days last week at the Long Beach Grand Prix) and I am still feeling it. Brain feels like maybe 18 and it seems I am always on someone's sh*t list.
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    Bought a Vette

    No but my eyes got a little glassy.
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    Bought a Vette

    At 61 years old, yes that is a good thing.
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    Bought a Vette

    I'll buy a Gen 5 when it's a vert from the factory. And btw for those who care....she is a big girl and her hearing is so good she can hear me get a boner.
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    Bought a Vette

    Still have the GTS.......It's much more fun to drive. Can't dump the gf though, she's a Jewish 10. A 5 with money.:lmao:
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    Bought a Vette

    GF says Viper is too loud and cramped for her.
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    #33 in the lead at sebring

    I'm going to Long Beach. Will any Vipers be there?
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    Car Cover

    I am in the market for a nice car cover for a 97 GTS. I need to put the car in storage for awhile. Thanks.
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    New owner in Monaco

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    Homecoming Tragedy

    Nice to see you're back to using English Colo. :)
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    CAlling Vipair...or Steve Prescott

    It's "inbred" you doofus....:)
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    Finally the day has come...SRT Viper Venom Black...

    Love the wheels too. Beautiful car.
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    front licence plates

    Use the bracket from Parts Rack and keep it in the back and if stopped say you just washed your car and forgot to put it back for me.
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    While messing with my GoPro...

    Now that **** between you two is funny!!