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    All '13 model Vipers are $15,000 off. All '14 model Vipers are priced at invoice.

    Wow prices are getting real attractive, if I could get a 2014 yellow GTS with black stripes and wheels for $99k delivered, I'd buy another one for the wife today.
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    CR Spotless water treatment

    I get about 20-washers with mine, its expensive and well worth it. I've had mine for a couple years now, and wouldn't be without one now. I have several cars, and a couple are black, best detailing purchase I've ever made. Spotless car wash works, and I highly recommend it.
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    A few pics of the new interior

    I must admit, it looks great!
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    Car FAX?

    I've used the service a couple times, and its a nice benefit, Chris has helped me out on one other occassion.
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    Subtle Snakeskin Stripes on SSG ACR

    Real nice job, your SSG looks awesome.
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    White Mamba or 2006 White VOI Coupe wanted

    No not exactly and I didn't see it for sale in the VCA classified section of the forum herein, and I don't read minds well. If he is thinking about selling it for any where close to what the OP is looking to purchase, I might have a friend who would be interested, so I asked. My PM works fine if...
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    White Mamba or 2006 White VOI Coupe wanted

    What are you selling Frank? Inquiring minds want to know.
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    Clear Bra, which one?

    If the installer cuts the paint with a razor blade, I'm sure he can sand off the cut line with some 60-80 grip sand paper. My installer did a great job on three of my cars, and there are no issues with any of them. 3M was the brand installed on my cars, but I heard they bought Ventureshield...
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    BEST way to dry the Viper

    Mine dries on its own without water spots, though I use special water to rinse and never have a spot.
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    Happy Birthday Maurice Liang!

    Happy happy Birthday
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    Viper owner demographics????

    White male 51 6' 210 Married 27 years to the same wife 2-college boys (senior at UCF 'Knights'-mechanical engineering & freshman at Florida 'Gators'-Chemical engineering/pre-med). A Real Estate Broker for 27-years. "Living the dream"
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    Anybody Using Gladiator Garage Cabinetry ?

    I have them all over my garage, so far so good, everyone likes the look, clean, neat and organized.
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    2004 white mamba

    White is the only Mamba that I liked, therefore it must be worth more than the black or silver.
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    Race Deck here please!

    I still like the RaceDeck tiles, mine has been down for 6-years and no issues.
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    Viper Magazine is NOT a huge suckfest

    I got mine in the mail today. It was heavily water damaged (or snow) and ripped to shreds, and the envelope came wrapped in a large plastic US postal bag. I called Viper headquarters 'twice' today to get another one sent to me, and never received a call back. What gives?
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    I want this 2007 Viper

    Gee Jon, thanks, but if you read the post again slowly this time, you will see a little humor in it.
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    Best battery tender location?

    This is how I did mine, works great, backed the Viper in the garage, and always unplugged the tender before any spirited driving.
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    I want this 2007 Viper

    07's are so rare, I have yet to see one. I heard some internet chatter just the other day that the 07's were the one generation that Dodge had troubles selling and that the largest Viper store sold just as many as the smallest Chevy store. Urban myth? You tell me.
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    Chrysler states I do not own my car!!

    Yippee, glad your snake is back where it belongs, with you.
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    Thank you from a new owner...

    Thats a stunning color scheme, enjoy it safely.
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    Conner Ave Plant.....

    I heard they are all working on the Fiat 500, which is a close cousin of the newly designed Gen VI Viper.
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    Center console / drink holder

    For Gen 3 I took the ashtray out, and used it for a Zephyrhills sport top water bottle, and it fits perfectly. No smoking and drinking anything in my cars, except water and that includes my clients