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  1. 99RT10GTS

    New Gen 1 Stanchions are now available

    I'll check. Hopefully the RRCparts guy will post up
  2. 99RT10GTS

    Help! Gen 1 leaking engine coolant

    Check the thermostat crossover. Common for ti to leak there too, but if you still have the OE headgaskets installed, time to swap. And maybe upgrade to CnC heads:
  3. 99RT10GTS

    Headlight Lens

    I have a set of headlights off a 1996 for sale. Good shape, not cheap
  4. 99RT10GTS

    Radiator fan upgrade.

    There is a couple of slight modifications necessary, but small like trimming and only using the outside mounting points.
  5. 99RT10GTS

    Looking for A/C Condenser 4708206

    I have an OE for sale. Used. Message me if you want it
  6. 99RT10GTS

    Viper Mechanic

    Don't screw around with a ****** dealership who probably never seen a Viper. Tom Sessions or Havik Performance in Bath, PA.
  7. 99RT10GTS

    Stock Amplifier question on 06 SRT

    I've got one for an 03. Nothing for the 06. Very hard to come by, but the information should be the same except for a few items.
  8. 99RT10GTS


    That is very cool. Where did you get them? Or did you make them yourself?
  9. 99RT10GTS


    private Message me :D
  10. 99RT10GTS

    SOLVED: Passenger Side Window Only Goes Down Three Inches Then Stops

    Sounds like a bad regulator. I have some for sale
  11. 99RT10GTS

    2010 Viper SRT10 Coupe f/s - Rare tan Nappa leather

    Do you mind saying what it sold for?
  12. 99RT10GTS

    Viper ACR-X Parts For Sale

    Where are you located? Let's make a deal
  13. 99RT10GTS

    Thoughts on this Gen II GTS

    Are you on drugs?!!
  14. 99RT10GTS


    If staying with the G2 calipers, I have an excellent set of front brake pads, which stop better than most. Do not expect it to be low dust. Use BM3 pads on the rears.
  15. 99RT10GTS


    Easy, go to Havik in Bath, PA. Talk to Michael. Outstanding shop, outstanding results!!!
  16. 99RT10GTS


    I have a good used one off a 2002 for sale. I am also selling some new SRT-10 front calipers. Mover your fronts to the rear to get very good braking, but you will lose your ebrake
  17. 99RT10GTS

    Thoughts on this Gen II GTS

    If clean title, really good deal if you can get it for $58K. 2000 has no ABS, no forged motor. So keep that in mind. Brakes **** balls on the Gen 1/2s
  18. 99RT10GTS

    Gen 2 viper bumpers & wheels

    Sent a text
  19. 99RT10GTS

    Gen 2 viper bumpers & wheels

    I have relatively new 17" tires for sale. Never mounted
  20. 99RT10GTS

    Driving me crazy

    Damn Gen 3 junk....................
  21. 99RT10GTS

    Does anyone know this TT Gen2 ACR?

    Give it 6 months and you will pick it up for $60K
  22. 99RT10GTS

    96 RT/10 thats for sale in Michigan

    That is awesome!!! You are doing it right!!!
  23. 99RT10GTS

    2010 Viper SRT10 Coupe f/s - Rare tan Nappa leather

    How much did you want for it?
  24. 99RT10GTS

    Gen 2 viper bumpers & wheels

    Because the OP isn't here anymore and the question was an easy one to answer.

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