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  1. kssssnake

    New 1995 Owner Questions

    Those answers are correct. Mine had the 2 inch lowering hardware installed. Put the original back in and it sat too high. Bought the one inch and installed it. To drive it I get in, slide the seat forward and fully recline it. Fits perfectly. I do have dress up covers on the pedal that I assume...
  2. kssssnake

    Finding a good Viper Mechanic

    Contact your local club. You need to become a member if you aren't already. We have a service day in INDY every year that members can sign up for. Limited number of cars of course. Illinois club may do the same thing.
  3. kssssnake

    Sunglass Holder Elastic Fix

    So, I'm bored and have to add this humor; Buy a GenI and wear your sunglasses.
  4. kssssnake

    Fluids and How many Quarts?

    I've always bled brakes with a clear hose attached to the bleeder and run it into a clear quart jar. You can see the fluid change color when the new stuff comes through. On most vehicles you can gravity drain the reservoir through the left front to get started.
  5. kssssnake

    GTS ACR will not rev above 3500 rpm, what's could be wrong?

    Typically air or fuel flow. Plugged intake or exhaust or fuel filter. Had the same thing on another vehicle. Fuel filter plugged. Would not rev. Also. had mice fill an air box on our daily driver.
  6. kssssnake

    Searching for a hardtop/windows setup

    Keep an eye on eBay. Been a bunch of windows and tops popping up lately. Not cheap, but don't know what exactly you are looking for.
  7. kssssnake

    Engine Ticking

    Our '94 was noisy when we got it. Just needed oil and filter changed.
  8. kssssnake

    First time Viper owner, 94 RT/10

    I have a "Tater" tee shirt. Only worn on special occasions. Best advice I ever got was that when you start feeling confident and think you have it figured out the snake will bite you. Enjoy!
  9. kssssnake

    New Old Stock Tires. Safe?

    Since we live in Indiana where Tirerack is located we got a notification the last time Michelin made a batch. Had to pre-order. I'd contact Luke at tirerack and get his input.
  10. kssssnake

    1994 viper

    And... I seem to remember the interior lights coming in to play. Make sure the dimmer knob is set in a middle position and the mirror light is not accidentally manually turned on or the bulb is burned out.
  11. kssssnake

    New Old Stock Tires. Safe?

    Good reply. Remember, tires stop your car, Brakes only stop the wheels from rolling. An emergency stop will do you in. We all drive cautiously on the streets. Stopping for a brainless idiot? Didn't see that coming. For an extra $200 per wheel I'm going with new ones. Did that last year.
  12. kssssnake

    1994 viper

    Sounds like the alarm. New battery in the remote? You should hear the fuel pump turn on with the key "on". I would sometimes hit the wiring harness with my right toe and set the alarm off. Alarm is now disabled. If Steve can't help let me know.
  13. kssssnake

    Low Coolant In Overflow??

    I guess because it doesn't work? Pull the line, get a tiny funnel and fill it. Done.
  14. kssssnake

    Street tires

    Call Tirerack in South Bend Indiana and ask for Luke. He's the goto viper guy. They can actually heat treat tires to soften the compound. Amazing company. Ship anywhere.
  15. kssssnake

    Posting for a Viper Owner in Germany who needs advice

    I do remember reading that the extra switch was for exports.
  16. kssssnake

    Gen 1 soft windows value?

    Haven't seen any for sale in a while. They are quite the joke aren't they? Rear window glass goes for $400-$600 on eBay.
  17. kssssnake

    Any recommendations on 4 Post Car Lift

    Depends on your needs. Some have fixed ramps. Some are movable. Some need approach ramps some don't. Some are movable with built in wheels. If you need an installer that's another deal breaker. You must have access to a lift truck if you do it your self. Some lifts are certified, some aren't...
  18. kssssnake

    Battery/Electric Issue

    If you do a lot of low RPM driving the battery the can actually discharge. Charge the battery with a charger. Check the voltage yourself. If not at least 12.6 volts it's time for a new one. Be proactive.
  19. kssssnake

    K&N Filter Cleaning Frequency?

    The issue I had was on a '95 mustang GT. The sensor is inches from the filter. The filter let enough trash through that it was visibly built up on the components which are about a mm in diameter and a few mm's long on wires about the thickness of a hair. I'm not convinced that K&N filters are as...
  20. kssssnake

    K&N Filter Cleaning Frequency?

    My two cents worth. Do not clean the filter. Throw it away. I cleaned one once. Either I screwed up or re-oiling is not a controlled process. Shortly after I re-oiled it the performance went down. This was not in a Viper. It appears that the excess oil flows down stream and gets on the mass air...
  21. kssssnake

    Dodge Viper stereotypes and sayings

    This has been a great read. My take is that corvette owners never open their hoods. Viper owners only close them when they go for a drive. To echo Mark, the guy we bought the car from had one piece of advice; when you get comfortable with the beast that's when it will bite you. Never think that...
  22. kssssnake

    Air Conditioner blowing warm air

    My simplistic answer. If the compressor is turning and there is no cooling you are low on refrigerant, but not low enough to shut the system down because of low pressure. Gauges are a must. Get a cheap set at Harbor Freight and learn how to connect them properly. One A/C line will be cool and...
  23. kssssnake

    Viper Transportation

    The key is to pay the most. Truckers get online offers through their brokers. They figure their routes based on location, price and delivery. If you don't pay $2000, good luck seeing your car in one piece. Had a friend personally drive to Florida and pick ours up. At least a 1000 mile trip two...
  24. kssssnake

    GTS vs ACR

    And the winner is, about $15k. That's the difference. Ta Da! It is what it is. Just find the car you love and drive it. This thing does 0-60 in a few seconds. Built engine. Only $30k invested. You can spend a zillion on a Hell Cat red eye, for what? Bragging rights? On a cruise home from a local...
  25. kssssnake


    I replaced a rear wheel bearing, which by the way was not fun, It's used on Dakotas.

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