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    Added a new page to the IVR

    under the 09 you have the 1.33 edition, which should be under 2010. just saying. thanks
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    2017 ssg special edition acr pics

    yes but the vin wont show it. i think the vin is around 300
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    2017 ssg special edition acr pics

    thanks that looks sweet. i have one on order, but it wont be built till mid august. a few days before the plant shuts down.
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    Returning member, now with Gen5 !

    dont you just love the cost of plates in quebec each year. around $1,000. what a deal................... not
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    2017 ssg special edition acr pics

    anybody have some? i know there are a few cars built now. i have seen all the other editions, but no ssg ones yet.
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    2017 production total

    i hope the prize is big. here is my guess ....................................i have to add those......... and these............and dont forget the special editions. 587 .
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    Viper Production Numbers

    how many 2015 srt's in white with red srt stripes please??
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    ACR paint option question

    i think they are going to open up an option to have it not painted as a option soon. bill have you heard anything yet?
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    Buying a used viper out of Canada

    which car are you looking at?
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    Chrysler: Please tweak the $15K Voucher...

    i think you had to own the viper by sept 7. i may be wrong but that is how i understand it.
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    Viper is home

    sounds like that sean guy at the dealer is a looser.
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    Selling dodge viper model collection

    yes, a ballpark price would be good.
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    2016 ACR ordering

    you should be able to get it below msrp.
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    The New ACR

    so there you have it............... $139,999 lol
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    Viper plant

    whaaaaaaaaaaaat? no pics yet? that tour was last week. lol
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    2016 Viper Now Can Be Ordered

    anyone know what the price increase is for a 2016?
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    Gen 5 Tire Deals

    yes but................ is the shipping extra???
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    Help me decide: order 2015 SRT or 2014 GTS

    looks like another 2015 silver on the ground at a dealer. pics on the other site .

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