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    Looking to buy 13-14 SRT. Need Help

    call 1-888-306-6545 this is the official FSC site they will give you info on extended warranty
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    car has no power?

    might check to see if you have the correct charger for you AMG battery
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    VoooDoo II Edition Car Covers?

    I found "the squawky wheel gets the grease" worked for me
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    Mouse nest in engine :-(

    flush it out with water my2c
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    OT: Is anyone checking out the Dodge Demon reveal tonight?

    got an invite at 2 pm today from a dealer to attend a Demon introduction party wish they would of given more lead time. Thanks for posting
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    2020 Viper?

    how will they put side air bags on a corvette convertible ???????????
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    New here and have a question.

    Nooooooooooooooo !!!!!!!! if they repaired the car why didn't they repair that defect or have it repaired
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    New Door Sills

    I also have a set from Wayne love them he does GREAT work
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    Happy New Year from Viper Club of America

    Happy New Years and many more to come
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    Which One is More Likely to Drive a Viper?

    Gary would say "what's a Viper" Hillary doesn't know how to drive so must be Donald
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    Important read anyone visiting this site

    sorry for your loss Steve mom's are SPECIAL
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    New Owner 2013 GTS...was wondering about oil pressure

    mine is 95psi cold start 50psi operating temp. at idle
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    Historical Video

    GREAT VIDEOS===thanks
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    John Phillips of Car & Driver Just Plain Rips on the Viper

    Bob correct----couldn't of said it better
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    Dead battery

    another thought have you tried put the car (gen 5 ) in hibernation ?
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    Keys locked in car with dead battery

    on a gen 5 you have to open the fuse box to get to the charging post
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    Launch control

    as pitdad said--- A runway or big open area is the right place to test it. Make sure to post your experience if you let it rip. I asked my dealer who are racers about launch control he told me DONT try it on the street make sure your in a area with lots of room.
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    need opinions from ViperJeff / Broomrider/ other Members

    Re: need opinions from Viper jeff / Broomrider/ other Members I would keep the gen 1 R/T 10 and pick-up the Voodoo they only made 31 Voodoo's I sold my gen 1 R/T 10 now I miss it
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    Sam Goldfarb

    had several dealings with Sam all of them first class.
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    Cold Weather Roads Be Careful

    just got off the phone with Pirelli the min. safe temp. for Zero Corsa tires is 45 F
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    Motor Trend selects Best Driver's car for 2015

    7th it's because Motor "I hate SRT" Trend
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    Emergency please help. Alarm issue

    Mopar Steve ---what year is your Viper ?
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    Big Change in the Killer 1 of 1 Program

    Hi Bill, does that mean if you order the basic TA 2 you will get the carbon ceramic brakes ?

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