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  1. WickedSpeed

    Ground height - Lowered?

    Look under your car. See all sorts of bolts bent out of shape, scrapes on jacking points/subframe/exhaust? Live in terror of speed bumps and unfamiliar driveways? If the answers are all yes, Congratulations, you're truly lowered. -Wicked
  2. WickedSpeed

    The Ultimate Wheel Thread !

    CCW Classic Race 18X11 Front with 305/30/18 and 18X13 Rear with 315/30/18 Toyo R888r tires. Car is also lowered on BC coilovers and I live in fear of speed bumps. Yes, the fronts rub a little under full lock right turns, or under aggressive driving. 100k+ miles daily driver. -Wicked
  3. WickedSpeed

    Battery Dies - Old LoJack System?

    Do you keep anything plugged into the cigar lighter? It's powered 24/7 and I leave a 4k dash camera recording at all times. It drains my battery (I use a cigar lighter USB combination plug that displays voltage readout) but because it's a daily driver and never goes more than 20-30 hours...
  4. WickedSpeed

    old age problems

    I'd still be leery of the battery or the charging system. If there's not enough voltage going into the car, it starts doing weird things like that. Could it be possible that your alternator took a crap or isn't outputting enough to keep your battery topped off? This would explain why it...
  5. WickedSpeed

    Cigarette Lighter Plug Not Working?

    I removed the cigar lighter and dismantled it completely, cleaned it up, reassembled, reinstalled it, and threw in a fresh fuse that promptly blew again. I went down to the local auto parts store and bought a $5 cigarette lighter. The package said it was good for dodges up to 1992 (and about a...
  6. WickedSpeed

    94 Viper starts, dies, but then starts and runs great

    How old is your battery? 1. If the battery cut off switch that was added to my car is used (for parking long term for example), then it will start, promptly die, then start up and run fine. As I understand it, this is because the ECU has to reset/relearn. 2. I had problems with my viper...
  7. WickedSpeed

    Cigarette Lighter Plug Not Working?

    Update: I've learned that the cigarette lighter plug is always powered. I also got a great tip from a Daniel on the Gen 2 Dodge Viper facebook group. "Get a bulb (anything with a holder will do) a couple of long wires and two small spade terminals. Attach the terminals to the wires and the...
  8. WickedSpeed

    Cigarette Lighter Plug Not Working?

    Figured I'd chime in here to add some more info... I took delivery of my '00 GTS today and the first thing I wanted to do was plug in a fancy USB splitter into the cigarette plug that also gave a power readout due to the car arriving unable to start and requiring a jump. Noted my USB splitter...
  9. WickedSpeed

    The Basics - Step By Step Instructions On How To Use The VCA Web Forums

    Thanks ViperJeff. Looks like this site needs some updating. Doesn't inspire confidence or desire to have a paying membership when things look neglected/outdated and pretty slow here. I'm finding the facegroup Viper groups to be more current and informative (along with pics/videos that are...
  10. WickedSpeed

    Viper Shipping Soon - Modern Rims Needed Quickly Maybe?

    Thanks Steve! I had seen some posts referencing a JonB and to call him, but did not see a number posted or who he was with. I'll give him a call now. -Wicked
  11. WickedSpeed

    Viper Shipping Soon - Modern Rims Needed Quickly Maybe?

    Aloha all from Oahu, Hawaii. I have only seen one viper for sale on the islands in roughly a decade of watching the classifieds and the timing/pricing was wrong for scooping that one up. A couple of days ago I pulled the trigger on a Gen 2 GTS in San Diego. It's pretty much a done deal and...

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