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    Rear Differential

    have an 03, paxton supercharger, fresh rebuilt ******, getting a small grind from the rear end (very little) time to replace the rear diff, ....wave trac is the most popular ive seen...looking for opinions
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    supercharger problem?

    No replies and i now get why, for any other novi 2000 owners, vortech bought paxton a while ago, if your serial # is below 8000, they DO NOT rebuild them, $3200 for replacement with updated unit, but $1000 off sending your old unit to them
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    supercharger problem?

    have a 2003 with a paxton novi 2000 race on it, recently started hesitating at higher (above 3k rmp) but not every time, at close to redline, only getting 4 lbs boost, bov working as it should, after pulling air cleaner, small trickle of oil in front of impeller, leaning toward charger needs...
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    2001 rt 10 44000 miles

    start with the typical, plug wires , fire it up in the darkest place u can find, check for any blue arcing under the hood...
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    Fuel pump for those with a Paxton/Novi and stock Gen3 rotating assembly?

    2quick, bought my 03 a few years ago with a novi 2000 on it already, it had dual electric pumps installed when i got it, running 6lbs boost....dont know if needed, but guessing they are, reach out to paxton, if ur going with bigger injectors, i would most def upgrade your fuel delivery....
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    Front valance piece

    Looking to get a new valance for my 03, mine has multiple stress cracks, and 4 of the tabs the fascia bolts to are gone, (common with older injection molded plastic, gets brittle) found many online, my question is are they even being made still, if new old stock, am i just going to run into the...
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    have an 2003, been running perfect since i got it (2000 miles plus), yesterday at cold start, idle did not jump up to the typical 1200 and then back down again, just started and sat about 700, seems to run fine, but when clutch is pushed in, idle drops to 500, then back to 700, wierdest thing is...
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    Headlight Lens Covers

    b-diamond, almost 100% sure u cannot just buy the ozzie said, they are glued together, they can be separated by baking them in an oven at a low temp, did it to a past car to black insides out, found the instructions on an evolution 8 forum, but a real pain in the ass....hope u...
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    Center speaker removal

    hlieber, thanks for the pic, what year is that out of? but both speakers in mine clearly have screws below the screens, ive done a lot of audio systems, usually when u can see the 4 mounting screws, its a drop in speaker that can be removed from the top just by taking the screen of?? like...
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    Center speaker removal

    thanks again moparmap…. mine def has two speakers in it...keep u posted what I run into...
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    Center speaker removal

    hope all are well, my top center speaker (the two between the seats) is blown in my 2003 srt10, it is an alpine, the bottom has no label, so i'm assuming it was replaced before, can see the screws beneath the grills, but cannot get the grills off....pried a little with a body trim tool, but...
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    high beam switch problem

    BYAIC, sorry, just saw your question...this was a very easy fix, i unhooked the negative lead on my battery first, because the hazard flasher has constant power, two phillips screws under the steering column shrouds, comes off in top and bottom pieces (snaps together) , two Philips holding the...
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    high beam switch problem

    everything working fine, here is a pic of the multiswitch WITH FLASHER RELAY INSTALLED, hope my stupidity can save someone else $25, still could not find location mentioned anywhere in service manual, and the picture definitely did NOT do it justice….MoparMap, steve, thanks very much for the...
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    high beam switch problem

    well, (and yes feeling a very heightened point of stupidity) I know noticed the flasher relay plugs directly into the multi switch....ill let you guess what I did with the original one.....
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    high beam switch problem

    moparmap, having one problem, cant find the flasher relay location, I have the 2003 service manual, (car is a 2003) shows its under (or directly behind) the multifunction switch, it is not, (pic of my steering column with multi switch removed below) cannot find anything else in the serv...
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    high beam switch problem

    Thanks, ill check the flasher module, as my turn signals and hazards don't work (they worked before I installed new multifunction switch)...there is a side plug on the switch that is plugged in from the factory (small black two prong two wires come from switch shaft) I left it plugged in, didn't...
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    high beam switch problem

    have a 2003 srt10, high beam switch would sometimes shut the lights off altogether, got a new one and when I put it in, lights and hi beams work fine, but no turn signals...checked fuse, its good, bought another switch from another company thinking the first was faulty, and exact same...

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