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    Has anyone used a remote battery disconnect for the winter time? ---

    Not much help here with the battery disconnect, but when you put it into storage why not pull the battery and then reinstall it in the spring? I leave my battery in hooked to a battery tender, but when I use to keep it in storage without a power source for the tender, I would just go and start...
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    Is there any Viper Techs on Long Island NY

    You are a bit over an hour from one of the best in the world, I would consider Tator's for anything major. You know you are in good hands up there.
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    Racing stripes.

    I just used avery vinyl. I picked up a 8" wide, 200ft long roll of it pretty cheap. The Pre-cut kits suck because you pay the same for them as I did for the whole roll, and if you screw up one piece you are SOL. The curves of the front and rear are a pain in the ass, I layed out the locations...
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    For you guys with Vinyl stripes?

    I preferred to buy the roll of vinyl, it gave me enough length to do 3 or 4 cars worth and was cheaper then buying a pre-cut kit. Trust me on this, if this a DIY job you will need several practice pieces until you get the front end "perfect" and even then it wont be perfect but pretty close. The...
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    2001 GTS in Classifieds...Just lowered the price!

    Yes, it does look a lot like the GTS you had a few years ago :drive: I see it everyday!
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    We all have dreams....

    I loved the plate holder i saw on a viper at NJMP track day last summer. "My other car is another dodge viper" haha
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    Anybody have experience with BUHLER DODGE VIPER dealer in NJ?

    I'm from the Philly area, and if i ever had any major issues i would just the trip to Tators in NY. This way you know its in good hands!
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    Please help! Broke a half shaft

    This was the first time I have ever had it to the track, I use to take my old car once in a while, but never with the viper. It was really cold out (30's) so I didnt think i would hook up that well with my PS2's but I guess they did pretty well. Thanks for the link!
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    Please help! Broke a half shaft

    Oh and I have an '01 GTS
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    Please help! Broke a half shaft

    Well it was a bad first experience at the track. I went saturday to run with my friend and his C5 ZO6 for the first time, and the first run of the day after i launched it pretty low (around 1.5, 2k) I snapped my drive side half shaft. I heard this was common for modded cars, but mine is...
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    What is a good quality HID kit to purchase?

    Personally I love McCulloch HID kits.. Still run the original kit i bought 9 years ago when i was in highschool.. They are getting reasonably priced now also. Some friends opted for the cheap kits and have always had problems.
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    Snipers for Vipers

    They always run crazy promotions, when i bought my viper from them you got a new hand gun with a new car purchase, then it was buy a new truck and get an AK-47.. Good people
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    2012 Viper Concept Pic

    I don't know if this is a repost or not, but is this a possible 2012 viper concept? Thoughts on it? Here is the original article The Future of Viper - Find Out What's Next for Viper at
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    Potential Viper owner....

    They at least have the same side mirrors... ;) I had a 3000gt when i was in high school, great car, but is no where near viper level. But if you don't like getting your picture taken, don't buy one..
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    Greatest question I've been asked when in the Viper

    Similar, I've been asked if mine was the V10 or the V12 version.. I sadly had to say it was only the V10.
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    Need a Front GTS rim

    Thanks for the reply, i will look into that. Its really not to bad so they might be able to do something with it.
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    Need a Front GTS rim

    I am looking for a perfect five spoke GTS rim, the newer style. I believe it was '98-'02. I slightly nicked up the edge of my front rim on a high driveway entrance/ curb. It bugs me, so I'm looking to see if someone has one laying around possibly off a the good side of a wrecked car or...
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    ViperB's '01 Sapphire GTS - Southern Florida

    I was looking into his car last year, really nice guy. I never got a chance to go down there and look at it but he sent me a bunch of pictures and the car looked perfect. He wasnt really motivated to sell it at the time and the car was a little bit out of my price range. After talking with him...
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    Viper Crashed and Burned 1 AM Chesapeake VA

    Interstate at 1 am? 100mph, who hasnt been there? Glad they are ok!
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    worth the scratches??? LOL

    Must be something about Red cars and black stripes!! :dunno: Laying across a Gen 1/2 hood is probably a bad idea! Thats an expensive mistake.
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    Ebay Viper

    But it comes complete with that awesome football cup holder! :rolaugh: :lmao:
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    It's that time again - appraisal question

    Well a advertised price of 45k doesnt mean thats what they will sell it at. When I bought my GTS it was advertised in the 40's, but i was able to get them to knock around 5g's off and included inclosed shipping. So offer 40 and go from there.. In the mean time i guess its a dealership? Dont tell...
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    If cash wasn't the problem, would you give up your GTS/RT for a SRT-10?

    No way!! I actually had my GTS down to Atlantic City Saturday night and of course the Valet guys wave me over to park right out front behind a bentley GT and ferrari 360. When I was getting ready to leave the Valet guy said that he had way more people asking him if it was ok to take pictures...
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    Who are the youngest people here to own a viper

    24 now, bought it when i was 23.... wanted my toys before i get engaged

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