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    Well looks like I'm going to sell it. 2009 Dodge Viper SRT10 Snake skin green with black stripes, optional lightweight 6 spoke wheels, upgraded interior featuring carbon dashboard, nav-sat radio/CD player, gray inserts and seat logos. Official Viper duffle bag with car cover. Installed...
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    I maybe looking to sell my 2009 SSG coupe. It has 20k miles, clear bra, just installed steel braided brake lines along with new stoptech brake pads and discs. Car is in super clean condition with no issues. I'm looking to see if anyone can give me a ball park idea on the value of it.
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    Several ?'s Best after market fluids, ect

    So I recently changed and upgraded my 2009 Viper's brakes with StopTech Rotors, SS lines, and Stoptech STR 660 brake fluid. I have roughly 17k miles on it. I track the car 5 to 6 times a year. Im over due for rear diff fluid replacement & trans fluid change. I plan on doing this ASAP as track...
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    FINAL answer on Gen V Viper Differential a Gen IV tip...

    Im curious too as to where you can purchase the castrol at. I can't seem to find a place online. Also I can't see how many ounces are in each container. I'll have to put a call into my dodge dealer tomorrow.
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    Upgraded sound system?

    Did you install the head unit yourself. Im just a little worried about whose going to be taking my dash panel apart and making sure to get it back together again properly. So far Ive done the dash board lights myself and it was a small project getting the dash off.
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    HELP!! Brake bleeding

    Just installed Stoptech SS brake line and now bleeding the brakes. Im using a brake vacuum bleeder, starting at the passengers side rear wheel I bled both sides of the caliper, moved onto the drivers side rear wheel and noticed that I cant get any fluid to come out of the lines....then did the...
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    How-to-Guide on StopTech SS Brake line Install Guide?

    Installing my stoptech brakelines from a board sponsor I bought them from....just wondering if someone could point me in the direction of a step by step guide.
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    Brake Upgrade? Need serious recommendations

    Well I got the Stoptech Steel Braided lines and rotors along with better pads. Started replacing everything tonight and realized that when I switch out the fluid I wont have enough. Does anyone have any installation recommendations for the brake lines that will ease and minimize brake fluid loss?
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    Need a Track Tire Upgrade

    Im looking at buying a pair of GEN 5 Wheels and having them shod with some good track tires that are still DOT legal. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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    Exhuast install DIY ... where can I find one?

    Kudos thanks for this....always prefer to do my own installs
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    Brake Upgrade? Need serious recommendations

    Could you tell me where you are getting the stock type rotors from? After thinking it probably is the best solution.
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    Upgrade Suggestions

    Sorry guys...I've been on here before asking similair questions but I have been out of the loop. Being a small business owner I just haven't had time to stay current with things. I track my car 4 or 5 times a year. I have a completely stock '09 and it's time for new tires and brake pads. I would...
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    Brake Upgrade? Need serious recommendations

    I've seen so many posts over the past few years Im not sure where to start. I have a bone stock '09 SRT Coupe. Im going to need new pads soon. I track my car 50% of the miles I put on it (dont get to much street use anymore with work schedule), I definately want to put steel braided lines on it...
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    Question About Transmission & Diff Fluid?

    Is there a DIY on how to change the fluids somewhere on the forums?
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    Engine light after battery replacement

    So this wonderful midwest weather froze my battery and after installing a new Die Hard I've noticed my engine light is on. I have the car on jacks so I haven't tried to drive it, I do however start it every week and let it run for an hour. I figured after the battery swap it was just be...
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    Wanna Go Fast Chicago Anybody going? Never been so Im looking for someone to go, Ill probably be signing up for the Sunday event
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    Vid of my last track day

    Im using Contour cameras...they have built in GPS and Bluetooth which records speed, altitude, ect. Its compatible with Dashware so when I play back my track vids I can see all the info (track position, corner speed, ect). I used a Sony T2I for the footage trackside and classroom.
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    Vid of my last track day

    Thanks for the invite...I may have to take you up on that
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    Vid of my last track day

    Richie7 - I was just running the stock Michelin PS2's...Im waiting till my driving skills get better to switch to stickier rubber. I just dont feel at my current level I would even really take advantage of better tires
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    Vid of my last track day

    Here's a brief clip from my last track day. When I get a chance to edit more footage I will...I also wanted to take out some things as well. I have a buddy with a new GTR and another with a Mustang that I didn't get a chance to add their footage too. We drove one session in the rain, it was my...
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    Where can I find this?

    Thanks guys...appreciate the response
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    Where can I find this?

    I had a couple of these screws that secure the underside of the front bumper come loose. I was wondering what hardware store I might be able to find them at. Ive had no luck with Ace HArdware or my local shop.
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    Best App for a Lap Timer

    I know this is last minute as I have a track day tomorrow but Im looking for a recommendation for a Android app lap timer. I have a Galaxy S3 phone
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    Radio Question

    labtec what sort of aftermarket did you go with? Also how did it interface with your antenna? Are you able to still get in radio stations?
  25. J

    Dash rattle

    I have the same problemm, going to try this solution

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