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    LED Replacement Lighting Thread

    Swapped out my ‘03 map lights this weekend. 2 mins tops. Pop off clear cover, wrap blue shop towel around knurled needle nose pliers, work out the bulb side to side. The bulb did take a lot of pressure to remove, but no broken glass. Seems that the chrome reflector also fell out of passenger map...
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    Keeping the back of the GTS clean

    A rear lower diffuser won't help. At least mine doesn't seem to.
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    Anyone in Texas know Ed and/or Judy Gee ??

    I live 20 miles from Kerrville, but don't know them, sorry!
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    Thinking of selling my 2000 RT/10 104,800 miles... whats a good price?

    Don't listen to people telling you to trade it in to save on tax credits! Trading in at $19,500 saves you ~$187 in taxes, but you lose out on an extra $2,500 from selling it outright at $22,000.

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