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    software upgrade question

    Can't you download the update from the uconnect site?
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    X-Brace Powdercoating

    I would like to give a shout out to Advanced Coating Solutions of Virginia. Janelle J. Kellington and her husband guaranteed a quick turn around and their pricing was excellent. If anyone is looking for powdercoating, I highly recommend that you call them. Janelle J. Kellington Advanced...
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    Uconnect has been hacked, go get patch.
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    Done!! Much Appreciated. Alan
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    Have you seen anything similar that I can buy for mine? Ive seen them on the Carbon braces, but cant find a part number. Thanks.
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    Where did you get the logo sticker?
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    What was the cost to get it done and what color codes did you use? I'm planning on copying you with my red SRT. Thanks!
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    2 Questions

    Im not so worried about the button on my 14, but am concerned that the passive entry is not working. I changed the fob battery, and as I approach the car and press down on the door handle, the car does not unlock. Further, I can lock my fob in the car. I am wondering if someone can try theirs out
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    2 Questions

    1. The small black button on the hatch next to the keyhole does nothing. I removed the interior trim, and it appears that the rear bumper has to come off to access the switch. I don't want the dealer taking my car apart. What is it supposed to do? 2. In my setting within Uconnect is a setting...
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    Gen IV to Gen V

    Yes, my 08 Viper sold to a guy in our area and has been spotted flying around.
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    Gen IV to Gen V

    I just took delivery of a new 2014 Base SRT Viper and a 15 SRT Challenger after selling my 08 Vert (I have the best wife!). All I can say is WOW! You can't even compare the two. I was amazed how much better the ride is on the Gen V compared to the Gen IV. I know my 08 Vert flexed alot...
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    Anyone else find this super annoying?

    I am going to try this one and will report back after I get it. Thanks!
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    Anyone else find this super annoying?

    Thanks, I am not sure I want to do the controller, but was wondering if someone has tried the skip shift solenoid from a gen IV, or if there is one for a gen V? Thanks!
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    Anyone else find this super annoying?

    Does anyone know if there is a skip shift solenoid for the gen V? Can I use the one from the gen IV? Thanks!
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    08 Red Vert 4 Sale

    Yep, a 15/16, so c'mon and take my beauty away! :-)
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    08 Red Vert 4 Sale Waiting for my ad to be approved here. Thanks!
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    Auto carrier cross country

    Reliable for me and it was PERFECT! You get what you pay for.
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    OEM Gen 4 Tires PS2

    They only have 5K miles on them, but are starting to harden up so I bought new ones. If anyone wants pick these up in MD (not shipping), text me at 240 498 6801. Make me an offer please. Thanks! Alan
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    VCA mobile app

    I can't find in the play store for my S5, or my Note 4. What happened? Can anyone email me the APK? Thanks!
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    New to ViperLand

    Steve, congrats and welcome to the club. I suspect the previous owner had a clear bra installed over the paint as none we done at the factory. As for the batter tender, this is probably the sweetest and most professional setup. Scroll to the last...
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    Gen4 Mopar PCM "upgrade" from Arrow Racing!

    Will this void any factory warranty or fail emissions?
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    Gen IV used values

    Considering selling my perfect stock 08 red vert. 5k miles. New tires (0 miles) and 5 years left on factory warranty. Xpel clear bra. Stored in my Maryland heated garage up high on my 4 post lift. Serious offers only before I put it for sale online. Thanks. Alan 240 498 6801.
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    My viper was keyed very bad "graphic pictures "

    So sorry for your loss. It kills me to see pics like this. I would make arrangements to get the car back to prefix and have it repainted the correct way.
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    Debating a repaint

    Ship it up to prefix and let them do it.
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    Selling Perfect 08 Red Vert

    Hi Guys, I am going to put this car up for sale next week on cars and auto trader but wanted to offer it to members first. I will put more photo's tomorrow, or just email me for more. 2008 SRT-10 Convertible, Red 5000 Miles Factory warranty good for 6 more years. Xpel Ultimate Clear bra...

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