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    Keeping the back of the GTS clean

    Yup, so I just make sure to hose it off really well before I wash it with the sponge
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    Need 97 GTS Fuel Door Roller

    Diameter 0.621" Height 0.824" Radii 0.045" The center hole will need to be just slightly bigger than the roll pin you plan on using. :2tu:
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    Need 97 GTS Fuel Door Roller

    Ouch, I don't know if that's available as a separate piece. You're better off just getting a machine shop to make you one?
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    Clifford Alarm System

    I've installed a few of those before, I was a big Clifford fan. You should have two or three main connectors; more than likely, most of the thin wires should be piggybacked onto the rest of the accessories of the car (windows, locks, etc). It's the big connector with the thick wires that you...
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    Gen 2 TA Spoiler Installed Pics

    That looks fantastic, and with the color of your car makes it even better. Very nice upgrade and quality.
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    How to replace the map lights on a 2000 GTS?

    Push and turn I think I remember
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    best shocks for those with Eibach's and lowering caps

    I would like a set of Motons, but I don't track my car (in fact, don't drive it much at all recently :(). When did BC update to different springs?
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    best shocks for those with Eibach's and lowering caps

    So you guys are liking the BC setup? I'm in the same boat and looking to make a change here in the future.
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    Need Viper transported from Va. to Myrtle Beach

    I'll drive it down for you (in the driver's seat). You're responsible for all liabilities, issues, damages, and speeding tickets. :)
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    96 gts oil change, mobile 1?

    The Viper filter from Chrysler. I thought the older Vipers were 8.5qt and newer engines were 10. I put in 8.5. I also use Mobil 1 0W-40
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    My viper was keyed very bad "graphic pictures "

    Holy moly. Incredible. Person was definitely drunk or on drugs or something. My goodness! But this is life unfortunately, so now the plan must be how to move forward. I assume you have it fully insured, so: 1) Push insurance to scrap the car and get a new one? Especially now with the...
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    Direct fit factory speaker replacements

    I did, but then decided to upgrade the amp (gutted the old one and used all existing wiring and casing). Search for that one too...
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    Direct fit factory speaker replacements

    Search for a thread of mine, I believe I posted the part numbers I used
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    Time for a color change

    Stryker red!
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    Suggested Stripe Color for Black GTS?

    I normally try to be a nice guy, but it seems people forget how to do a little simple research nowadays.
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    Suggested Stripe Color for Black GTS?

    Yes, silver or gray
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    Rare 1998 Dodge Viper GT2 with only 379 miles for sale

    VHS tape? I thought I read it was a disposable camera that you'd have to take to get the photos processed?
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    Surging at low speed (under specific instance)...anyone else have this?

    Yes, very low speed crawling around the neighborhood
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    Matte Black GTS in Macon on 75 south

    Didn't know there was a matte black one in the south GA...
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    Is anyone running BC Coil Overs?

    Would you suggest just shocks then with the eibachs? Or are the singles a full setup?
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    Is anyone running BC Coil Overs?

    To piggyback on this thread, how are you guys liking the ride quality? No tracks here, only street. I'm currently running Eibachs on the stock Koni's (set 4/5 and 3/5 firmness) and the ride is pretty rough. I unfortunately don't remember the ride with the stock springs. But every bump feels...
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    Touring About: Finding last minute <$50 lodging: Thoughts?

    Even though a "classic American" out-west road trip sounds awesome, I feel uncomfortable parking my Viper at (and staying at in general) a creepy, less than $50/night off-the-path motel.
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    1996 OEM Battery Needed

    While I agree with trying to keep things "all original", there are things that I will always put in more modern stuff. Maintenance items like batteries, engine oil, etc are things I will always go with more-modern for safety and longevity's sake.
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    GTS rear glass lifetime warranty lift supports: Sachs, StongArm, ???

    Funny, I was just looking at these today online. For those that have ones that work, do they raise the glass automatically and hold it up? On my car, I have to pull against the shocks to raise the glass (there is resistance), but the glass does stay up when it's opened.
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    Show us your garage!

    Even though this thread is about to be a year old since the last post, I'm bringing it back to the top. I love this thread...

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