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  1. Daniel SRT-10

    ACR or Not

    I would say the eriler year vipers are more desirable to people in there 50’s but if I could I would buy a gen5 ACR, it’s the only car holding the record for the fastest time at nuremberg under a million dollars. elon musk might just reinvented the standard where the lap time is no longer...
  2. Daniel SRT-10

    Belanger Exhaust

    The full belanger is exstreamy loud, as far as the drone it only occurred when I was around 1,500 RPM’s just drop down a gear or increase speed and it will go away. As far as the noise, my decibel readings inside the car were, 78 at idle out of gear, 87 in gear at idle 94 bellow 1,500 rpm’s 110...
  3. Daniel SRT-10

    Blown ignition fuse at the track

    I would like to know what prospect of finding parts will be, I’m sure at some point we will see aftermarket replacements frequent but the profit margins aren’t there to get involved in it at this time. There looking at a car that is pretty rare, but one thing from the aspect of sales has going...
  4. Daniel SRT-10

    The Quest for 250 plus MPH

    I am vary interested to know if the aerodynamics of the exterior have been changed to go that fast, I’ve only been to 180MPG, it still had allot more left at 180 but I could tell the headers were about to glow red hot, but the water and oil temp were rock steady at 210F. I’m not sure if the...
  5. Daniel SRT-10

    Please Help: Would love to find my car's original owner

    Mine had 2 previous owners. I tracked one owner down by a aftermarket part, got there name then looked up the state they lived then cross referenced with the VIN other then making a phone call to the place that made the aftermarket part all was done online without spending a dime. I would...
  6. Daniel SRT-10

    Dodge Viper stereotypes and sayings

    This could be humorous or offensive but with my casual sense of humor It’s my hope this thread is fun for all. The rude, inappropriate, insulting or even scary comments I’ve come to know about the viper or their drivers was a factor when I decided to own one. Viper is most often compared to a...
  7. Daniel SRT-10

    Another What's My 08 Viper Worth

    Wait a minute, That’s not a 2008 it’s a 2006. How is it you don’t know what year your car is?
  8. Daniel SRT-10


    Wile it’s in the shop see if you can get a mini gun attached to the hood to take care of those idiots before they hit you, there should be just enough room in the trunk to hold two minutes worth of ammo.
  9. Daniel SRT-10

    Viper pricing

    I for one am proud to own a viper, Yes I intentionally did over pay, it took me a year to find a blue and white without those rediculous blue leather accents pieces in the interior and even got a little screwed on it’s physical condition but I forget all that when I’m driving it. If you want a...
  10. Daniel SRT-10

    Well I wrecked my 06 coupe, so far they say it is repairable and I am pricing parts!

    Long time ago I ran over a full length extension ladder at 70mph in Texas. It was running parallel with the road, only had time to line it up in the middle and hope for the best. Thankfully it cleared.
  11. Daniel SRT-10

    Locating previous owners

    my viper was Owned by two prior owners. I was able to track down the first and talk with him but kinda stuck trying to locate the second. Any information anyone can provide on the subject would be most useful to me and the others on VCA. i just wish I had reached out to the previous owners...
  12. Daniel SRT-10

    Belanger exhaust?

    I bought the car with the full belanger exhaust system installed. I drive my viper fairly hard, and after a month of driving I noticed pain in my Ears. I Bought a good decibel reader, hearing protection is recommended anything with in 5 feet at 82db and above. my readings were at idle out of...
  13. Daniel SRT-10

    Another What's My 08 Viper Worth

    Did you ever sell this viper? What did you let it go for if you don’t mind.
  14. Daniel SRT-10

    New Viper owner? Time to join the VCA!

    Pulled the trigger and signed the papers today, I’m now the proud father of a 2006 blue with white stripes coupe.

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