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    World's First Gen 5 Viper Twin Turbo By RSI

    800-1200 RWHP (on the fly adjustable) 91 oct - race fuel reliability for road travel, etc turn key.
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    SRT Viper Book - Maurice Liang

    I received the "thank you" card and flag a few weeks ago( purchased the car July 3rd) I also; am awaiting the book shipment.
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    Drivers door electronic handle quit working

    Modules inside the door......been there did that Gen V. Dealer took door apart and repaired......roughly 3 hrs
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    So I won the ACR

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    Maiden Road Trip - CA Viper Rendezvous

    :2tu: Looks like you guys had a blast! Love the Color
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    Start Stop Technology

    So did the AC shut off also? Id hope not........imagine stop and go traffic in the metroplex areas
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    Vendor Ethics

    Scenario: Your in a minor accident causing damage to a rear bumper. Accident is claimed on either parties decide You also have a small scratch on your door panel (not related to the accident) that you've wanted to have repaired but never found the time or funds....whatever...
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    Start Stop Technology

    Definitely kills the red light racing LOL The Hybrid Hype is a joke........As of 2010 the presidential motorcade is not Hybrid. Jan 2013 this was released about the "Beast"...
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    Vote for the biggest degenerate Viper enthusiast !!

    Can you take some pics of the wall art you got there?!?!(pic 2) LOL
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    Offset stripe

    You could retire just off the guys waiting to get their hands on these LOL
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    Offset stripe

    Painted correct? I dig it regardless :2tu: SPOILER DETAILS PLEASE!
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    Contact Info

    PM Sent Let me know how it goes
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    Fingerprints all over my car..

    :2tu: Great story; and the kiddo will remember it forever!
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    2013 Viper Photo Shoot - with Forgeline GZ3 wheels!

    :2tu: Looks awesome! What is the "proper" name of the black or charcoal chrome? I believe it was an SRT option on the charger or challenger
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    The new SRT Viper

    :eater: 3 Pages...MAX LOL
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    The new SRT Viper

    or...stick to your durango with he same electronics. Be sure to join the other forum. Lots of info there :D;
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    paint issues--please help

    Kris- Keep your head up; SRT made it right with the issues I had. I would never have received this treatment from GM. They will make it right. Thanks for the help on whom to contact Keep us posted
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    Anyone had to replace a rear tire on a V yet?

    Per Tire Rack: Pirelli P Zero Max Performance Summer Rear(each) 676.00 From(each) 338.00 Pirelli P Zero Corsa System Streetable Track & Competition Rear(each) 898.00 Front(each) 490.00 Ouch, its one thing if they are worn and time to replace......but with a pinch of miles....that sucks...
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    Need Input on LAUNCH Control

    Jack B. A bit off topic.... Whats your opinion on a little spray with the Gen5. Ive noticed the twin inlet boots would probably require a "dual" nozzle. Thoughts?
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    Need Input on LAUNCH Control

    THERE IS NOT A T.C. IN THESE SETUPS Google is the most simple way to give a visual explanation for the know it all's.....which also tells us that you have failed to watch. Here's another " Anatomy of a complete clutch tear down" Watch...
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    Woohoo ! She's in

    Congrats!! Atleast you picked the fastest color :2tu: The car looks totally different without the stripes
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    ALL Corvette Owners secretly want to do this!

    He should get a A for effort!!
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    Need Input on LAUNCH Control

    LOL George; you beat me to it!
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    Need Input on LAUNCH Control

    Torque convertor eh? really not even an auto transmission Also for the 2k hp cars... the most popular transmission was the Lenco planetary design, first used as a four-speed and now as a five-speed. Although the five-speed unit (usually air-shifted)...