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    Viper is home

    Trusting salesmen, is like a friggin joke. I've seen this crap so many times, just glad there picking up the damage
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    My viper was keyed very bad "graphic pictures "

    How sweet it would be to catch a douchebag like this in the act.This ******* had to be there a while, friggin makes me sick. I had my ZO6 Magic marketed, and that was nothing compared to this.
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    Gen V price

    There is 2 miles on the car. And yes 88k seems a bit steep.
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    Gen V price

    I have a chance to buy a 13 GTS FOR 88k, do you think this is a good deal? Car has never been titled, no stripes, black, loaded and looks gorgous. What kind of beating will I take on resale if I ever decide. I'm thinking this could be mine for a longtime. Im trading in a great srt8 jeep that is...
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    Another rod bearing failure. This one was bought back by Chrysler!

    :omg: Are you serious, or just completely lost......
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    Paxton Supercharged 2006 Coupe Build Thread

    Nine Ball, did you sell this car you built? And if so, who bought it? Thanks
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    Who wants to sell me a new Viper? (DEALERS)

    Airpark Chrystler Scottsdale AZ. 79,900 SRT BASE white. There you go. Brand new.
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    Who wants to sell me a new Viper? (DEALERS)

    I think your right on with your prices. It will happen sooner then later.
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    Any News on Viper Raodster???

    Plans change, I hope they make it to 2018.
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    About to pull the trigger on a leftover 2013 GTS... thoughts? Input

    just hold on the prices are going to get even better
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    About to pull the trigger on a leftover 2013 GTS... thoughts? Input

    Another dealer that is clueless. Same car will be there for a longtime. Especially with winter bearing down over most of the country.
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    Private Party G5s for sale?

    Exactly, there will be some unbelievable deals around xmas
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    What are buyer's paying for their new Viper GTS?

    These car will just sit there and depreciate by the day, just like they have been doing since they came out. Friggin shame
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    Viper ACR concept shown at SEMA

    Sweet car, it still doesn't help the 400 still sitting in showrooms.
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    What are buyer's paying for their new Viper GTS?

    Just waiting patiently, they will get to my range eventually. There are 400 for sale, new on autotrader. And winter is coming in. Let's see what happens in the next few months. Will be interesting. Car is stunning, but SRT did a **** job marketing and pricing it out.
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    viper seats

    I did not read your thread correctly. Yes 08 seat covers would work in a GEN 3. Same seats.
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    viper seats

    I believe they are completely different seats.
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    No money to fund racing but Dodge has money for stupid stuff like this:

    You would pork out to with all the ***** he is eating,,,,,
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    Anyone else notice the Gen5 trolls have not been around

    2015 Viper should be interesting. With like 450 Vipers on dealer lots, why even build the thing until you get your **** together. 5hp, are you kidding me!!!!!
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    2015 order availability

    There is plenty of cars left. Why would anyone buy a 100k Viper that's sitting on a lot, when they could order one. I was at another dealer today that went to 95k for a GTS. Not bad, but not good enough, I told him 85. He said he would run in through auction first. Wait till he see's auction...

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