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    Headgasket and a million other fixes

    When I bought my 2001 RT10 it did not come with a remote key fob.I had the same problem with the alarm. I ordered one thru the local dodge dealer and they programmed it for me . I think it was only $125.00. That solved all alarm issues i had. Good luck with the rest of your project
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    Buying a low mile Gen 1 Viper, any tips for what to expect?

    If tire rack does not have them contact Jon B at Viper parts rack His number is 360-837-3937 He is in Washougal,Wa. I just bought a complete set for my Gen 2 about 3 weeks ago. I talked to him on Friday and they were on my front porch by 2:00 Monday afternoon They were Pirelli P Zero and I...
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    Gen 1 Exhaust

    I just had my 2001 RT 10 installed with the Belanger exhaust and I can tell you that you will be amazed at the sound that it produces. I took mine to a shop that does all my work and I am glad that I did. The original bolts get rusty over time and we had to drill one out. They put it on a lift...
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    RT 10 exhaust

    I have been trying to decide on which exhaust I would replace my stock exhaust with for a couple of months and have got back a lot of good feedback from many club members and there was a lot of opinions. I did not want to be to loud but with a nice low rumble. I called B&B and was going to go...
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    RT 10 exhaust

    Just talker to John B at parts rack and he explained all of the options available. went ahead and ordered high flo cats abd the belanger exhaust system .I would highly recommend parts rack to anyone wo has a doubt what to get. John is a great person to deal with and he can answer any question...
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    RT 10 exhaust

    thanks for your imput I thought about the borla but you have made my mind up for me. I will contact them tomorrow
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    RT 10 exhaust

    I have seen him recommended before so he must be good. do you have a number for him
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    RT 10 exhaust

    Hello I have a 2001 RT10 and I am going to replace the stock exhaust with a new cat back exhaust. I have been going back and forth between the Billy Boat system and the belanger system. I am looking for a very aggressive sound and do not know which way to go. I have heard that the Billy Boat is...
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    question of viper value 1996

    I bought my 2001 RT10 last year with 131000 miles on it and it runs like new. I have had no problems with it and the paint and interior are in great shape. It has one rock chip in the front. I gave 20G for the car. I have had several corvettes and this is more enjoyable than they ever were. When...

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