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  1. J

    Best High Flow Cats or Maybe a Whole New exhaust System

    I can help by Email..... storm damaged phones out til Sept 7 estimated [email protected] Thanks
  2. J

    3.55 Final Drive

    3:55 = "Poor-Man's Supercharger"
  3. J

    Tony Spampinato

    Oh, No............a Viper genius is gone too soon. RIP Tony (aka Venzano)
  4. J

    My 2006 Viper showed up yesterday and this is my Viper Story!

    Email me your name/address and Ill send a diecast model and some other doo-dads for Chase. There are actually owners here who got doodads from me years BEFORE they got their cars We have tires from $1395/set We have 3:55 gears and exhasusts too Congrats and Thanks [email protected]
  5. J

    Refinishing 1996 Wheel Center Caps

    Strip-Polish-Clear. Careful of the clip-on rusty feet Are you planning to do the WHEEL as well? Otherwise it would look obvious. 1996-7 GTS caps were an 'inferior' polish vs late 97+
  6. J

    should I go for '93 gen 1

    30 Years Ago This Week, my life changed forever when I bought my first Viper, a 1993 RT/10. It had a small card in the glovebox that said: 'Built With Pride in the Motor City by Team Viper.' It also had the Team phone # on the card, and since I planned to track and Auto-X, I called it...
  7. J

    Tire Sale 2000-2001 Production New Tires

    DUHH.... yes, 2020-21 dates take an extra $100 off for my mistake!
  8. J

    New Viper Owner, Loving it

    NOT mine! Prototype Commem Ed, of Team SRT "Mambo King" Mike Stephens. Zoom In to see Herb Helbig driving. I had a USAF Dakota pickup (and driver) Right in your back-yard Shaggy. Glendale / Luke AFB
  9. J

    New Viper Owner, Loving it

    I took this photo from ramp taxiway of White Lightnin' Mamba Commem Ed #000 beating an F-16 at LUKE AFB. See the entire race weekend at Ripleys Believe it Or Not web,,,, Viper vs Viper
  10. J

    3:55 Ring/Pinion kits finally back in stock.

    Almost 1 year into Back-Order, PartsRack finally has USA-made Spicer-Dana 3:55 kits for Gen 1-2-3-4-5 Back In Stock $595 Thank You
  11. J

    Seeking advice for 1999 Slave Cylinder / "Throw Out Bearing"

    Viper Unit In Stock at
  12. J


    I have a customer looking for a 17" White Wheel Set, as came on white 96 RT10. 5-spoke wheels. Would consider a 17" base-silver 96-97 set to be painted. Please email [email protected]. TNX
  13. J

    Reality check....

    The V10 Truck commentary stats are Apples-to-Pommegranites What Bonkers and Map said otherwise. I have seat time in the Jag at PIR... it was the SVRA Historic Races Official Pace Car 2 years, Doris and I drove it there. The Viper would kick its ****.... Mpg cruising trans-con is about...
  14. J

    Tire Sale 2000-2001 Production New Tires

    PartsRack has some new-stickered Conti tire sets of 4 for Gen 3-4-5 from $1495-1595 / set 4, G2 for a bit less. Production dates late '00 - early '01 Full 15K Mile warrantee! Please email me for pix and quote. Need NAME, Year-Model, Wheels, City-State-Zip [email protected]...
  15. J

    VCA Notes and Various other Viper Club Mags

    Ill take 'em, thanks [email protected]
  16. J

    Gen 5 SRT or ACR Hood

    PartsRack has a very good, used G5 ACRE hood, black, in CA Email: [email protected] Thanks
  17. J

    Look at Viper in Delray Beach?

    HONK HONK. Goose Chase # 9 See V C A alerts Get gas money
  18. J

    WTB: Pedal adjustment kno b

    In Stock at Billet Alum polished or anodized black With proper allen wrench Also have SRT10 pedal switch bezels Back In Stock. With new ***** and allen
  19. J

    Need Tires for a 2004 Viper SRT10 275/35 ZR 18 & 345/30 ZR19, Please Help.

    [email protected] has Viper tire options ready to ship TODAY. Over $5,100,000 Viper Sized Tires sold far.... Thanks guys for referrals. Appreciated.
  20. J

    Gen 2 Brakes

    How and Where and How much you drive matters most [email protected] thanks
  21. J

    1st Time Gen II buyer advice with some questions

    It is a lot cheaper to 'block out' and remove broken G2 fog lites than replace them.....
  22. J

    Paint Code for Silver Stripes on Steel Gray '00 GTS

    Should be either PA4 or PA9 Cant read my 22-year old note as a 4 or a 9
  23. J

    New Viper owner with Questions- 2001 ACR

    Thanks for your biz, glad to help TNX AZTVR for the referral. NOW: Add 4 drops of silicone sealer to your BBS center caps, or be doomed to lose a couple! We DO have cloned BBS caps....
  24. J

    Looking for GEN 3 or GEN 4 TA Wheels

    There was no G3 or G4 "TA Wheel" since TA editions were G5 only. They came with Sidewinder Wheels, in stock at PartsRack. We also have 19+19" G5 ACR wheels [email protected]
  25. J

    Tire for Gen 2

    I can help: [email protected] $5+ Mil Viper Tires sold... so far....

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