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    Can you describe the Gen 1 Viper RT driving experience?

    In fact, I'm going to go drive mine right now. So what if it's 9:00 PM!
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    Can you describe the Gen 1 Viper RT driving experience?

    I really think they're good cars. Yes, raw and brutal are the two words that everybody uses to describe Vipers. That's exactly what they are when you are either 1.) at full throttle and beyond 100 mph or 2.) driving on the pot-hole infested roads of Baltimore. If you are driving within the realm...
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    1994 air conditioner question

    When I have mine done professionally (I've done it a few times now, chasing an elusive leak somewhere in the system), we do replace the oil.
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    Door Sill Question

    Here's a quick, but odd question. How are the door sills supposed to be attached to the car on a Gen I RT/10? Specifically, I am referring to the type of fastener that Dodge used that attaches the door sill to the very bottom of the car (there are like four of five holes that run along the...
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    A/C Overhaul

    Superb! I'll start with the evaporator. I'll take a close look and see I that is where I should work next. It makes perfect sense. I also find it funny that they are trouble prone after time. Related note, is the evaporator accessible from behind the blower fan, or do I need to work behind...
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    A/C Overhaul

    Hiya gang! It's been a while, but I'm still here. I'm back with a question for all you fine folks. My old RT/10 (a 1994) has had air conditioning problems for a while now. She's an old girl, so it's understandable. I've replaced both fill valves, the low pressure line, and had the system...
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    i'm ready to go..

    Don't let your Viper hat get sucked off the top of your head if you're driving an RT/10! It's... a strangely depressing feeling.
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    Sagging Top

    Not yet, Granger. It will likely be winter before I tackle this. I will report back with results though.
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    Sagging Top

    Doug, thank you for the tip. I will go ahead and see if I can come up with a strategy for heating it and straightening it. I'll start slow! What is the structure made of?
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    Track Junkies - Post your Pics and in-car Video!

    I put this one in my thread, but if we have a dedicated thread now, I'll put it here. I may have another one that I'll upload soon.
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    Sagging Top

    Alrighty, thank you too, Granger73. Further research will be needed to see if I can somehow reinforce or straighten my current one. I will use it only when needed in the mean time. I've got the hard top on there now so I'm good for a while.
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    One Year of Ownership (on September 27)

    Here, try this video out. Let me know what you think. I was running a time trial with IMG Racing (a great group of racers/HPDE-ers). I was probably at 8/10 with it yesterday. It was more important to me to bring it home. I'll keep the Miata for 10/10 beatings. :)...
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    One Year of Ownership (on September 27)

    Pictures? How about a little video? I'm in the process of editing the video from Pocono Raceway yesterday. I'll post a link here when I'm done. Let's try a picture:
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    Sagging Top

    Doug, thank you for the input. Is there a way that I can bend mine back into shape? It's not that bad yet, but I'm worried it might get worse. Will an '02 top fit my car without modification?
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    Sagging Top

    Thanks! I appreciate it!
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    One Year of Ownership (on September 27)

    We are coming up to the one year mark since I did a fly and drive with my dad out to Detroit to buy my first Viper from a good member here. (Or we passed the one year mark depending on when you are reading this...) I have to say, I still get excited every time I look at it; I still get a big...
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    Sagging Top

    I did a quick search for this and I didn't see any threads that directly address it. My 1994's top has started sagging recently. So much that I am afraid to use it. I think some fat cat was sneaking into my garage and sleeping on the roof (it was, I have cat hair to prove it). I have since...
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    A Perfect Tuesday Night

    I was off today and I don't work again until tomorrow night, so I decided to take the Viper out for a drive to the Hunt Valley Mall. For those of you who have never been there (probably almost all of you), it's just a big, open, airy town center (they spell it all British--Towne Centre...)...
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    front licence plates

    I have the Parts Rack mount as well. It's two blocks of really soft plasticy rubber that slide perfectly over your front air intake cross section thing and then wrap around in the back. You have to drill into the mount itself to get the screws right where you want them to hold the plate to the...
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    WTB: 2nd Generation RT/10 or GTS

    Right. Time for a new thread HardHitter! Let's see it! :)
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    WTB 96/97 Low Mileage Blue/White GTS Coupe

    Oh! That's a thing! I think my 1994, yes, indeed... it DID turn 20 this year! First I'm going to buy it a present (new brakes, an oil change, and a nice detailing), then I'm going to call my insurance company. Then I'm going to drive it until the wheels fall off. But I was going to do that...
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    WTB: 2nd Generation RT/10 or GTS

    Which one? Do you have a link to the listing?
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    "Alarm set"

    Does it have a secondary alarm on it? Like, the "Viper" alarm system? I've seen a Viper like that. They overrode the original factory system with the aftermarket installation, and the OEM one was constantly "set" and freaking out while the car was running. It was unable to immobilize the car...
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    Here a Porsche, there a Porsche

    You made an interesting point about the SRT8. I had a student with one at a Time Trial event a few years ago. He brought his wife and his son with him for the day in complete comfort. Before we headed out onto the track, we dropped them off at the stands near the pit entrance (Pocono Raceway). I...

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