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    Corsa Exhaust & Bellanger Headers

    What year snake?
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    Shifter boot effecting tranny shifts ????

    Lol on the alcohol & vaseline I took my leather boots from both shift knob and ebrake and used the Lexol Leather Conditioner. Massaged them real good then put in a sealed ziplock bag overnight with an extra couple sprays in there so they would soak up the extra moisture. Turned out pretty...
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    Headers and Exhaust. Worth it???

    What year Viper? What is your current exhaust setup? What do you think about the overall sound quality of the current setup? What do you think about the overal sound level(loudness) of the current setup?
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    My 96 GTS Blue/ white stripes is going to auction

    Why the mixed emotions? Do you mind me asking what you are raising $ for? Did you consider selling any/all of these cars privately?
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    Lowered Gen 1's on stock 17's?

    Red, Springs lower an inch You could give aftermarket Caps a try wich only lower 1/2". These are just the things that slide in between the upper spring and perch to hold the spring in place. --------------------- Stock springs are way to soft IMO though. 250lbs front is pathetic... A...
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    Stalling, did not want to Idle

    Clean the IAC Valve. Replace the battery. Putting that stuff in your tank was likely unnecessary . Unless you fuel up at non-top-tier gas stations in which case the fuel injectors would appreciate the cleanin... A motor doesnt stall from lack of octane. If it was running fine last time and...
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    Chrome Plated SRT10 Rims

    Polished Aluminum HRE's here. I drive 5,000/year My regimen is: - Wipe the brake dust off of them every other drive(or so) with a microfiber. - Then I go back around & spritz them with QuickDetailer or QuickWax and do a final quick wipe to leave a shiny coating to protect them from...
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    8.5 mpg city? or about 120 miles per tank city?

    I dont think the tune is your problem. Attempting to make sense of City mpg is a waste of time IMO. It is not easy to realisticly compare to others as one persons definition of "city driving" could be a light every 1/8-1/4mile or so with minimal traffic as where anothers could be stop and go...
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    Accusump install kit?

    What year is your Gen2?
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    MCS single settings for Hastings?

    You might want to run the first heat as-is since that is what you are familiar with & used too. Then, 2nd heat crank them up halfway to setting 9 and see how you like it with the additional rebound dampening. If you like that then go for a couple more clicks towards the end of the day...
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    Best wheel tire combination GTS

    FYI, This is how silly 20's look at stock ride height. Notice the 4x4 look as well as the lack of tire sidewall
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    Best wheel tire combination GTS

    IMO Lowered 1" with 18F / 19R Looks the best:2tu: I like having a little bit of sidewall to keep clean and think that it makes a car look ...well like a car!
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    Gen 1 track car?

    The total cost to put a weak(relatively) gen1 motor in a Gen2/3 salvage could be similar just buying a Gen2/3 that was in an accident and just fixing. The latter would leave you with a more complete sellable car as well as the better motor. Only use i can think of for that Gen1 motor would be...
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    ACR center console scorching hot

    +1 check the boot and dont be surprised if it splits again a year later. Mine did... :-(
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    Purchased my first viper and the dealer sold me a blown motor

    Agent, I live in DE and havnt heard of that place. What is the full business name and/or address/website so that i can check em out.
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    how much torque can a stock diff take?

    Your intro thread said: smooth tubes, a tune, & headers With those boltons and a stock catback exhaust you are looking at <450 to the wheels
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    98 GTS muffler delete?

    3"Headers going into a 2.5" stock cat then reduced down to 2.25" stock piping and muffler. Yea... Thats not ideal I would install a 3"hi-flow ceramic cat (not metal substrate) and some type of 3" system the rest of the way back. Basically a full aftermarket setup :-) Excluding Corsa, The...
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    98 GTS muffler delete?

    It really depends on the overall setup? Are you still running stock headers and cats? If yes, then def do yourself a favor and remove those rear mufflers. Also, do you have any future plans for performance add-ons?
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    Finally ready to buy a Viper, have a few questions though.

    xRipx, A couple Q's: Where are you located? What is your driving experience & history of cars? One of my friends is 6'-9" and his head brushes the headliner when sitting in the passenger seat. I think you might have to forget about the helmet & track and just stick to spirited backroad...
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    What tune do I have??

    No-one is gonna disable the revlimiter so dont scare him with that. Also, no need to drive to test out the rev limiter. Just sit in your driveway in neutral and rev it up till she bounces. I would personally be more concerned about the actual tune and how the A/F looks throughout the entire...
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    Shifter doesn't center

    On my 97 (which has a slightly different T56) I am able to rotate and pull the shaft in/out by hand. Click to the left(1/2 gate), Click right to the center(3/4) gate, click right to the 5/6 gate. Not real easy, but considering you can only get two fingers on it that could make it hard for...
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    Lowered by 2"

    There are a several ways a Viper can be lowered or raised: 1. Shorter Springs (eibach) (1") 2. Thinner top spring perch 'Cap' (0.5") 3. Combination of the above two (1.5") 4. Upgraded shock/spring package including adjustable threaded lower perch which allows for a wide range of height...
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    NEED EXPERTISE---SCT Tuner vs. PCM/ECM upgrade

    SCT is the way to go so you can change between different tunes via flash controler and go back to stock tune at will. For most tunes to be done properly it is best to add all of your modifications first, then do a couple baseline dyno pulls with a wideband O2 sensor that way you can email the...
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    Transmission slightly grinds going from 1st to second in the cold...

    Have you owned the Viper for several years and its just starting to do this now? or is this your first winter with this Viper?
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    1996 GTS Oil Pan Upgrade

    ahhh, I see you posted as I was typing a response :-) Yes, 3-fin's... You have the good one. :2tu:

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