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    Anyone know where I can get one?

    Take yours to a bodyshop and have them repair it. They have the bonding and material to fix yours. They will even paint it to match your exterior or black. Whichever you desire. 3 - 4 days max..
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    Removing Cats on 2000 ACR

    Can you provide an update on those non-foulers to let me know if they really worked or if your CEL turned on eventually?
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    New Viper Owner, car came with a front splitter that I just installed...

    The smaller part in the photos is a belly pan cover and not a front splitter. This part gets replaced when the front splitter is installed.
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    New Viper Owner, car came with a front splitter that I just installed...

    You are correct the front splitter is moving in the middle up and down. When this occurs you will and can lose control of the front end at very high rates of speed. I experienced this same thing with my front splitter. Remedy, either find a different style front splitter or be prepared to drill...
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    Ground height - Lowered?

    Yes, 5" would be stock. Typical lowering with spring caps only yield about .75 to 1.25" inch. When said and done after lowering the car you should be around 3" from the garage floor up! give or take .5... I'm on Viper 7 and all of mine have been lowered. Also have always had a front splitter to...
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    2017 Stryker Orange Viper needs side cover touched up

    Hi David, I see that you purchased a Viper? I responded to your other post where you were looking to acquire a Gen V. As for where to take your Viper to have the paint touched up there are a few places that I've dealt with here in the Kansas City region. You have Eveland Brothers. Of course...
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    Deciding on next Viper to purchase

    David, I have a 2014 GTS - Black with all of the niceties. Fully loaded and well maintained. I purchased the car used so I'm the second owner. It just cracked 10,400 miles and is the strongest thing on the street in my area. If you're still looking to purchase a Gen 5, I'd be willing to part...
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    Anyone Selling Gen V Seats?

    Might be an opportunity here for you if you're still looking. I have a a pair of Black Gen V seats that I'm looking to either sell or swap out with someone with Red Gen V seats. As I've made adjustments to my car, I prefer Red. I do know some of the road course, road track, I/2 Mile or drag...