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    looking for a supercharged viper!

    I have a First Edition 2006 Supercharged Viper with a polished Paxton supercharger. Just back from Doug Levin Motorsports. Less than 2 thousand miles on it. Please contact me if you are interested. Send me a private message.
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    I don't know but, my 97 GTS, perfect no problems ever. 03 Black SRT, no problems other than headlights going out, fixed at the dealer, no problems since. 04 White Mamba, No problems, perfect in all ways. 00 Prowler, perfect no problems ever, 97 1500 RAM, no problems ever, 157,000 miles on it...
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    Spin-off Question on Mileage: Ratio of Mileage to Age

    294 miles and 43. But the car is at our other house in South Carolina.
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    K & N filters and smooth tube

    Bought my K & N filters from Paid $338.47 complete, with free shipping. I expect them on March 22nd. I will post pictures before and after. The AutoZones here in Central Florida don't have the K&N part number in the computer yet.
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    strange engine issue

    Had the same issue with my SRT/10. Same mileage also. The cats became clogged, all 4 of them. The car seemed like it was going to stall out. The gas pedal had to be pushed twice as far as normal. My dealer in Lakeland Florida had to replace all 4 cats, problem solved. I could be wrong but your...