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  1. Manny Rahimi

    Gen 3 Paxton supercharger with Roe Racing 710R

    I currently have the Roe Racing 710r cam, slow bleed lifters, beehive springs, thicker pushrods. I just purchased the paxton supercharger kit and want to know if my cam is a good candidate for this setup or if you guys thing I should get one made specifically for the supercharger. Before the...
  2. Manny Rahimi

    Oval to round throttle body adapter?

    I dont think anyone makes one, especially because the manifold itself is not round but you could pick up or make a single blade throttle body and then find an oval to round hose?
  3. Manny Rahimi

    help! keys locked in trunk!

    im assuming it has to do with popping the hood and supplying power to a fuse or relay? For all I know, i have no issues with someone getting inside. its getting to my engine that im more worried about